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The creation of man and/or life on earth is relyant on the question of our environment. Space is of physics as defined by our extrapulation based on too few facts at the moment (though our scientific investigations have made seemingly great strides to uncover those mysteries) and at it’s basic level, so are we as life (as we know it). The delema is that, though we (our chemastry) is of physics, we can’t (as of Yet) determine the catylist responsible for the chain of chemical reactions that were necessary to form life that would require, create and sustain the most complex acid (so far found only on earth) that would self replicate itself through an RNA called transcript RNA that itself only can be created through DNA replication (likewise DNA can not replicate and continue with out transcript RNA [Chicken or the egg dilema]).
Until we can resolve this issue, we can’t even begin to debate issues of other, non-terrestrial, liken, or other thinking entities much less their possible association with us.
God?, Religion aside, is, and should be , just another name for the, as of yet, unseen force (mystery) that governs our perception of this, or any other, reality (weather that be interdimentional or virtual).
We percieve our reality based on stimuli that is recieved by the limitations of our mulitcellular bodies that determines our reaction to it.
The second delema of man in general, is the persuit of preconcieved notions based on too-few-facts that cause them to hide, tause aside or ignore and attack other bodies of evidence that reside outside their field of study and our understanding ( that resists established scientific method) that seems to contradict their “pet” conclusions. Conclusions is a BIG word and scientists love to make them when, in fact, knowledge in any area of science continually evolves.
The perception of the few highly-brainy and higher positioned members of society is that they can convince the less aware, educated, or established members of society to believe that they are lacking in abiltiy to percieve and interpret ,correctly, the reality occurring around them.
And so…, these less-than-reliable witnesses and discoverers are to be considered desparate or lacking in their ability to make cognative determinations from their findings based on their contradictory findings that produce needless controvercy.

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