How Nixon prolonged the Vietnam War

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    Don’t they have state militias in certain states? People don’t necessarily have to go to the US military but they can have option to join the militias.

    Yes; they were known as State Defense Forces, now State Guard units. A nationwide group called SGAUS (State Guard Association of the US) is the unofficial clearinghouse for information and coordination.

    Each state’s group is different.

    I volunteered in one state, and the only differences between us and the Army National Guard were that we did training in-state, we could not receive orders out of state (but could volunteer), and we were not paid unless activated. We, as teams, squads, or individuals, were integrated into NG units on weekend drills. There were times I would join formation with a NG platoon at the start of drill weekend, and never see another SG member until drill was over on Sunday. We used the same items as the NG soldiers did…vehicles, weapons, aircraft, mess facilities, etc. Uniforms only differed in a couple small details, such as the state name instead of US Army. Standards of appearance were the same as the NG. In that state, 99.99% of SG members were veterans like myself who wanted to continue to serve.

    Anyhow…then I volunteered in another state. No standards of grooming, halfassed training, never did anything with the NG except share facilities, very few veterans involved in any capacity, and it was generally a waste of my time and I didn’t feel like I was helping my community at all.

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