How To Make Your Teeth Whiter Without Ever Having To Physically Touch Them With Anything

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    A number of scientists around the world are publishing studies, and examining what can happen to our biology when we experience physiological coherence, or heart coherence. Physiological coherence refers to the biological state the human body experiences when the heart and brain are well-coordinated, working in synchronicity,  and united by our positive emotional health, which results in the “increased synchronization, harmony, and efficiency in the interactions within and among the physiological, cognitive, and emotional systems in the body.”

    Perhaps the leading scientists in the field are the ones over at the HeartMath Institute, whose research findings have shown that when we practice heart coherence, and take on more feelings of gratitude, compassion, appreciation and love, our heart “generates a coherent electromagnetic wave into the local field environment that facilitates social coherence.” This means that our electromagnetic field could carry biological relevant information that can effect those around us. Proponents in this field have shown that, theoretically, “it is possible that enough people building individual and social coherence could actually contribute to an unfolding global coherence.”

    Not only that, and the main point here, is that a state of coherence can cause nervous system chaos, and the opposite can have a positive effect. Their research has shown that when we experience negative emotion, the heart sends very different signals to the brain as opposed to experiencing positive emotions. In turn, this influences our nervous system.

    Dr. Deborah Rozman, the President of Quantum Intech, explains that it’s “an alignment within and amongst systems – whether quantum particle, organisms, human beings, social groups, planets or galaxies. This harmonious order signifies a coherent system whose optimal functioning is directly related to the ease and flow in its processes.” It’s similar to the studies that have been conducted regarding mass meditation and prayer. As far as their effects on physical systems, numerous publications have yielded statistically significant results. For a selected list of downloadable peer-reviewed journal articles reporting studies of this type of phenomena, mostly published in the 21st century, you can click here.

    The role of heart coherence and how it related to our biology is growing in all fields, including dentistry. This comes in the form of a publication in the peer-reviewed Journal of ICDRO, the International Clinical Dental Research Organization, by longtime dental surgeon Lynette Wallace titled “What is the role of physiological coherence and epigenetics in the etiology of dental caries?”

    It’s a short piece, explaining and citing research that shows how high heart coherence causes an increased order and complexity in crystallization patterns in human saliva, which in turn releases the intelligence embedded in the proteins. Here’s a study showing how in 18 out of 20 participants, heart coherence actually increased the ordering and complexity of crystal structure.

    She states:

    “When there is physiological incoherence such as in mouth breathing, the salivary proteins become dysfunctional; and thereby, allowing carries unopposed access to the tooth surfaces. It is proposed that should this be the case then caries management should be directed to include methods to regain coherence so as to harmonize the body systems to regain correct signalling and function.”

    “Caries” refers to tooth decay and cavities, and overall mouth health in general.

    It’s great to see this type of thing, what some call factors associated with consciousness, examined in the health field. There are many who are doing so but this seems to be the first time it’s being examined with regard to our mouth health.

    Dentists have been trained to believe, and rightfully so, that the predominant cause of dental caries stems from refined sugars and starches and a poor diet. But there could be multiple contributing factors to dental tooth decay, as there is with many other health ailments.  For example, when it comes to dental decay, research has hypothesized that it’s also an absence of vitamins and minerals which are devoid in processed foods, something a large majority of the North American population consumes on a regular basis.

    In her short article, she emphasizes the research which has “established a significant, complex, and highly sophisticated connection between the human heart and brain, which is driven by our emotional health.” When we are in heart coherence, there is more efficiency, harmony and synchronization within and among our physiological cognitive and emotional states within the body.

    The implications for dentistry, says Wallace, comes in because of multiple factors. One is physiological incoherence in mouth breathing, which causes salivary proteins to become dysfunctional, allowing tooth decay and cavities to develop, and the craniofacial region, which produces saliva.

    Some of her main points, backed by science are:

    • Mouth breathing causes incoherence in the physiology of the body.
    • Incoherent breathing causes a change in structure of the salivary proteins.
    • Salivary proteins become nonfunctional and are unable to fulfill their protective role.
    • Other regulatory protein and signaling dysfunction throughout the body leads to systemic degeneration.

    In the article, she also goes into the importance of breathing, and cites research (there is a lot) of how proper breathing can do wonders for our biology, and this is directly related to the mouth health, so it’s a no-brainer why she brings that up.

    But her main strong point is the fact that heart coherence has a direct effect on saliva, and now that this has been shown, she posits that diminishing heart coherence “might precipitate dysfunctional saliva, which can no longer bathe the teeth with functional immunoglobulins.”  (Immunoglobulins are anti-bodies in your blood).

    She explains:

    “In turn, interproximal decay takes over as a predominant cause of caries, allowing it to progress rapidly and unopposed. In contrast, with enhanced PPC there is fully functioning saliva, and the decay is much less rapid, darker in colour, and affects fewer teeth, mainly in the pits/fissuers and smooth surfaces. Therefore, this article provides some preliminary thoughts to support the contention that PPC might benefit the dental professions  to prevent or retard the progression of dental caries.”

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    Tips on How To Develop Heart Coherence

    According to the HeartMath Institute, we can all easily create a state of coherence in about 60 seconds. Remember, this is now measurable. Collective-Evolution has also practiced heart coherence, using measuring devices directly from the institute. Coherence is accomplished by “releasing stress and stopping draining emotions such as frustration, irritation, anxiety and anger. When you are in a coherent state, your thoughts and emotions are balanced and you experience ease and inner harmony. Proper breathing, meditation, shifting your perception, observing how you react to beliefs, people and statements, and controlling your emotional response are all keys. Finding techniques to loosen your buttons so they can’t be pushed, helping other people, being grateful and more are all included.

    Visit the institutes “Quick Coherence Techniques for Adults” to listen to an audio and more tips on how to do this. They know what they’re doing, as their publications have attracted attention from both corporations, governments, and more. It’s a great place to start.

    Sure, you can’t really be in a “positive” state of mind all the time, but you can cultivate an in-between state, a state of peace, one where you are not triggered by that which bothered you anymore. Easier said than done, but by practicing this, I believe you will experience more instances of joy and positivity in your life, while drastically reducing the opposite.

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