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    Helen Mirren made an incredibly astute point about Melania Trump

    Dame Helen Mirren has recently shared her thoughts on America's First Lady Melania Trump. The First Lady has kept a ...
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    We looked at the numbers and Trump is telling ten times the number of lies as Obama did

    A recent reddit post claimed that Donald Trump is on pace to tell 52 times as many Politifact "Pants on ...
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    Helen Mirren said what no female celebrity will about Ivanka Trump

    Dame Helen Mirren is a national treasure; like a cup of tea, tutting politely, or that woman with the crown ...
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    TV star beautifully shut down homophobes on his Facebook page

    Stephen Amell, the Canadian actor and star of The CW's super hero series Arrow, attended Vancouver LGBT Pride this year, ...
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    A motorway got shut down after a pizza explosion

    On Wednesday, a lorry containing frozen pizzas shut down a busy Arkansas highway for over four hours while the delicious ...
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    8 books you should read before the world ends

    It might be sooner than we had anticipated. Prepare for the aftermath of nuclear armageddon by reading one of these ...
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    This BBC newsreader really does not care about surfing dogs

    On Monday, the enthusiasm of BBC newsreader Simon McCoy was killed live on air, as he reported on a dog ...
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    The difference between Barack Obama’s vacation and Donald Trump’s vacation

    Presidents have found a variety of ways to escape the stresses of the job. The Kennedys vacationed at Hammersmith Farm, ...
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    Five female authors you need to read this month

    Any time of year is good to read a book but it's important to be aware of special events that ...
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    Woman starts photo series explaining what the world doesn’t understand about sexual harassment

    Eliza Hatch is on a mission to spread the word about what people need to understand about sexual harassment. She's ...
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