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Islamic Extremist Caught with USB Containing Identities of 2,626 French Intelligence Officials

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    A female Islamic extremist has been caught by police in possession of a USB key that contained the identities of 2,626 intelligence officials from France’s Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence (DCRI).

    The woman, identified as Mina B., was already known to the country’s intelligence services and had been placed on the terror watch list known in France as the S-File, Le Point reports.

    Mina B. was questioned by French authorities back in April of last year over her involvement with another radical Islamic extremist named Sana O. who she was said to have helped house and finance in 2016. Sana O. had attempted to travel to Syria and join radical Islamic extremist groups on two occasions before having his passport revoked.

    Police recently opened a second investigation into Mina B. and found she had been in contact with several Islamic extremists in the area around Magnanville.

    The USB stick contained a list of the identities of 2,626 intelligence officials and was dated from 2008. Initially, the file appeared to have been deleted but investigators were able to recover much of the data.

    The list contained the names, numbers, and assignments of every intelligence official in the Commission National Joint Administrative Committee (CAPN).

    Mina B. is now under investigation in connection to the 2016 terror attack that saw French police officer Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and his wife stabbed to death by radical Islamic extremist Larossi Abballa though sources say the policeman’s name did not appear on the list. Mina B.’s lawyer has denied she had any contact with Abballa.

    How Mina B. acquired the list is unknown, although investigators say she was friends with the daughter of a policewoman and stayed at their home for a brief time, intelligence sources claim.

    Radical Islamic sympathies within the French police are not unknown. Last year, Breitbart London reported that a man who was on the terror watch list managed to become a police officer despite being an S-File member.

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    In another case earlier this year, a policewoman who was said to show radical Islamic sympathies was arrested after she had stolen several firearms from a police station.

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