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James Rosen: Nothing Trump Has Done to the Media ‘Even Remotely Approaches’ What Obama Did

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    During an interview with National Review’s “Jamie Weinstein Show” released on Wednesday, Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen, who was named a criminal co-conspirator and spied on by the Department of Justice during the Obama administration, stated that nothing President Trump has done to or with the media “even remotely approaches, in seriousness, in nature, that which the Obama administration did to and with the news media.”

    Rosen [relevant remarks begin around 6:45] said the news media and Trump don’t have a good relationship with each other, and he doesn’t like a lot of the dynamics between Trump and the press corps.

    He added, “That said, I can bring a unique perspective to this because of my experiences under the Obama administration, and to my eye, nothing that this president has done to or with the news media — at least yet — even remotely approaches, in seriousness, in nature, that which the Obama administration did to and with the news media.”

    Rosen also argued, “I think a lot of my colleagues in the news media, people I admire, people I enjoy the company of, have come to a conclusion in their own minds that to report objectively on Donald Trump is, in a sense, from where they sit, to collude in fascism somehow.” Rosen continued that while Trump has done things that he finds distasteful, it’s not his job to use his platform as a reporter to say this.

    (h/t Jake Tapper)

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