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Florent Coste : « Repolitiser notre rapport à la création littéraire »

Explore. Investigations littéraires, de Florent Coste, Questions théoriques, « Forbidden Beach », 450 p., 20 €.Explore, titre du livre de Florent Coste, est à entendre comme une invitation ou comme une injonction : Allons ! Il est temps ! Tout ce que tu croyais savoir sur la littérature est à redécouvrir ! Depuis quelques années, les manifestes en faveur de la théorie littéraire ne manquent pas. Dans Lire, interpréter, actualiser. Pourquoi les études littéraires ? (Amsterdam, 2007), Yves Citton adaptait l’interprétation des textes aux enjeux du monde contemporain et trouvait dans les œuvres du passé des ressources contre le « capitalisme cognitif ». Plus récemment, dans Lire dans la gueule du loup. Essai sur une zone à défendre, la littérature (Gallimard, 2016), ­Hélène Merlin-Kajman insistait sur la fonction « transitionnelle » de la littérature, cette aire d’expérience où se construit le rapport entre notre intimité et le monde extérieur. A leur suite, Florent Coste exhorte les littéraires à ne pas concevoir leur ...
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6 Lies Many People Tell Themselves & Their Consequences

We’re all liars. Yes, even if you pride yourself on your honesty, I know with absolute confidence that there is a metaphorical lying bone within you, and it’s likely a lot bigger than you think. You may not lie to others, but you most certainly lie to yourself. But don’t worry — we all do it, myself included, and that’s why I’ve put together a list of six of the most common lies we tend to tell ourselves and the consequences that come along with believing them. Keep in mind that the purpose behind this article is not to make you feel dishonest, but to instead help you realize some of the things you may unnecessarily believe, giving you an opportunity to change it and hopefully improve your life. Here are the six lies we love to tell ourselves, in both video and written form: 1. I Was Born That Way When used ...
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A Different Perspective On The New ‘ISIS Video’ Of Brainwashed Kids Executing Prisoners

If you turned on your TV and watched any mainstream news network this week, odds are that you heard mention of ISIS or watched some sort of alleged footage from the infamous terrorist group. Though I believe it’s extremely important to stay up-to-date with what’s going on all over the world, it’s equally as important to ensure you’re actually being told the real story and not just being fed misinformation or propaganda. When it comes to mainstream media (MSM), it can be difficult to decipher what’s real and what’s fake news, especially when it comes to anything regarding the war on terror. The sad truth is that you can almost always guarantee that you’re not being told the full story when MSM is discussing “terrorism” because MSM is controlled by the U.S. government, and so any dialogue that comes from the media has been heavily censored by the very organization that created and funded these ...
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Plounéour-Trez, le « phare ouest » de l’écriture de scénario

Est-ce que l’on crée de la même manière chez soi, seul devant son ordinateur, ou dans un endroit reculé, entouré de gens qui connaissent les mêmes affres de l’écriture ? Pour obtenir un élément de réponse, prenez l’Hexagone, repérez son extrémité ouest, au niveau de la localité de Plounéour-Trez. Après une heure de voiture depuis Brest, le bâtiment aux planches bru­nies apparaît entre les arbres. « Le Groupe Ouest » en lettres blanches sur la façade. L’ancienne usine de mise en cageots d’échalotes est devenue la grange à idées : ici, on fabrique des scénarios.Natif de ce Finistère nord, philosophe de formation et scénariste, Antoine Le Bos, 51 ans, a fondé Le Groupe Ouest en 2006, avec cette conviction : on ne naît pas scénariste. « Il y a un poncif post-Nouvelle Vague qui dit ceci : “Soit t’es un bon scénariste, soit tu fais un autre métier.” Nous pensons qu’un scénario, ça se travaille. Il faut muscler notre capacité à tenir en ...
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What We Can Learn From NBC’s Megyn Kelly’s ‘Hit Piece’ On Alex Jones

Over the past week, NBC’s Megyn Kelly has taken a lot of heat over her controversial interview with Alex Jones. You may be familiar with Alex Jones’ work at Info Wars, as he’s gained an extensive following after years of work in alternative news and “conspiracy theories.” To be clear, I genuinely believe that Alex Jones has helped the movement, and I recognize the key role he played in my own life and my personal “waking up” process. However, he is also notorious for reacting and communicating in extreme ways. Though this is clearly indicative of the passion he has for his work, which is very inspiring at times, this type of reaction did not necessarily serve him in his interview with Megyn Kelly (though I’m not sure if you could even call it an interview, as it was clearly a hit piece against Jones as well as a form of political ...
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Parents, Something is Terribly Wrong With Many YouTube Videos for Children

I think most of us understand, at least on some level, that technology can harm our health and well-being, and that constant exposure to it, especially for children, is not a good thing. Yet, for a variety of reasons, parents still use technology to babysit their children. But the physical effects are mounting, and in 2016 we wrote an article that explores the harmful effects of WiFi, cell phones, iPads, and more specifically in relation to children: “In 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) admitted that cell phone radiation may cause cancer. The statement was based off of a cumulative decision made by a team of 31 scientists, from 14 different countries, after reviewing evidence that suggested this to be the case.” But what about the psychological effects? I wrote an article about why you should let your child be bored and I highlight a specific study conducted by Dr. Teresa Belton. She studied the effects ...
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Des mangas pour célébrer l’été

Chaque année, les quelques semaines qui précèdent l’été sont une période faste pour le manga dans les librairies françaises. Elle coïncide notamment avec la tenue, au début de juillet, de la Japan Expo, une grande convention qui rassemble des milliers d’amateurs de culture populaire japonaise et dans laquelle la BD nipponne occupe une grande part. Parmi ces très nombreuses nouvelles séries et histoires dénichées par les éditeurs français au Japon, il en est quatre que Pixels a choisi de faire découvrir à ses lecteurs. Chaque mardi, à partir du 27 juin et pendant un mois, ceux-ci pourront en lire les premiers chapitres. Pour commencer, Green Mechanic, la première série d’un jeune talent, la dessinatrice Yami Shin. Cette série découverte et publiée d’abord en France développe un univers de science-fiction post-apocalyptique débordant d’action mais aussi d’optimisme. Lire :   Les premières planches de « Green Mechanic » Le 4 juillet, avec Les ...
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DMT: Underground Research Masquerading As Science – or Sound Science?

It was arguably inevitable that someone somewhere would take it upon themselves to begin their very own unsanctioned research programme with DMT (aka The Spirit Molecule) — the potent psychedelic drug that research suggests is produced naturally within our brain. Whether smoked, or imbibed as a traditional Amazonian shamanic brew (the most popular routes of administration), DMT has acquired legendary status among its underground adherents. If we are to believe what users of this powerful substance are reporting, we are considering matters with a magnitude of such seriousness that they could well shake the very foundations of traditional, Western-minded, materialist science. Rick Strassman’s government-approved research with this legendary substance in the 1990s — and the subsequent documentary produced in collaboration with Mitch Schultz — no doubt served as an inspirational catalyst that prompted many to pursue their own enquiry into the alleged effects produced by this powerful mind-manifesting substance. And that is exactly ...
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Swiss Researchers Find That The Brain Is Full of Multi-Dimensional Geometrical Structures

A team of researchers from the Swiss Blue Brain Project — a group focusing on supercomputer-powered reconstruction of the human brain — have used a classic branch of maths in a completely new way to better understand the structure of our brains. The brain is a complicated organ, and little is still known about its inner workings, so this new study, which found that the brain is full of multi-dimensional geometrical structures operating in as many as 11 dimensions, is fascinating, to say the least. The neuroscientists behind the study used algebraic topology, which is a branch of mathematics that describes the properties of objects and spaces without the confinements of how they change shape, to conclude that groups of neurons connect into “cliques.” Their work also revealed that the number of neurons in a clique leads to its size as a high-dimensional geometric object. Lead researcher and neuroscientist Henry Markram from the EPFL Institute ...
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Polémique à la Biennale de la Méditerranée

Tout commence par une lettre d’information envoyée le 23 juin, annonçant la programmation de la troisième édition de la Biennale de la Méditerranée, qui doit ouvrir le 29 juin à Sakhnin, en Israël. A l’affiche, des artistes occidentaux et israéliens, et quelques-uns arabes. L’information, aussitôt, fait bondir les Libanais Akram Zaatari et Walid Raad, l’Algérienne Zineb Sedira, et les Marocaines Yto Barrada et Bouchra Khalili, dont les œuvres ont été prêtées par le Fonds régional d’art contemporain (FRAC) Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur. « Prêt naïf et irresponsable » Tous indiquent n’avoir jamais été informés de ce prêt et en réclament le retrait par des messages postés sur Facebook, en soutien au peuple palestinien. « Mon seul passeport est libanais et c’est contraire à la loi de montrer mon travail en Israël, explique Akram Zaatari. C’est la raison pour laquelle je trouve ce prêt du FRAC naïf et irresponsable. J’ai toujours refusé de montrer mon travail dans des institutions ...
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Holotropic Breathwork: A Powerful Tool Used To Explore Different States of Consciousness & Healing

Holotropic breathing is a powerful tool that can be used to unlock other states of consciousness, work through past traumas, heal anxiety and depression, gain wisdom, and so much more. There are many who believe that this is the only way to reach these realms of consciousness without taking psychedelic substances such as psilocybin, DMT, ayahuasca, and the like. History of Holotropic Breathwork The scientific method and alternative medicine aspect of Holotropic Breathwork was first discovered by Stanislov and Cristina Grof during the 1970s and 1980s. They both studied medicine and psychoanalysis at the Charles University School of Medicine in Prague, Czech Republic. From past experiences, they knew that the most powerful way to induce these higher levels of consciousness was through the use of psychedelic substances; however, there are some potential drawbacks and concerns that come along with the use of such substances. The Grofs then developed a safe ...
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Arguably The Best Way To Start & End Every Day of Your Life

How do you start a typical day in your life? Do you slowly roll over in bed, reach for your phone, and take a casual peruse through the news feeds of your favourite social media platforms to see what you missed overnight? Or do you wake up in a frenzy, somehow managing to always get yourself, your spouse, and your kids ready and where they need to be by the time they need to be there? Whether either of these scenarios describes a morning in the life of you, or you fall somewhere in between, I’m willing to bet that you could be starting your morning off better than you currently are. That’s a bold statement, I know. But as someone who has been adamant about having a morning routine for close to a decade now, and has tweaked and fine-tuned it a hundred ways over that timespan, I’d like to ...
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« The Handmaid’s Tale », une piqûre de rappel contre l’autoritarisme

Si le fascisme revenait en Occident, il ne ressemblerait pas à l’image que l’histoire nous en a laissé. Cela serait (probablement) autre chose dans les apparences et dans la forme. Mais cela serait la même chose dans les faits. The Handmaid’s Tale, adaptation du roman de Margaret Atwood paru en 1985, vient nous rappeler que le danger d’un retour en arrière ne disparaîtra jamais, qu’il restera à portée d’ambition pour des hommes sans scrupules et sans vergogne. L’écho de la série proposée par Hulu résonne aujourd’hui avec autant de force que les pages publiées il y a plus de trois décennies, incitant le spectateur à la vigilance politique. La dystopie imaginée par Margaret Atwood en plein période du reaganisme triomphant nous rappelle qu’il existera toujours une menace sur la liberté des hommes. Celle-ci n’est jamais une nécessité évidente pour certains tyranneaux, qu’ils aient les cheveux orange, la moustache rase ou ...
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Low-Maintenance Plants That Also Work as Air Purifiers In Your Home

Prone to killing plants? It’s time to turn a new leaf and not only improve the air quality of your home, but your plant watering skills as well. Improve your home’s air quality with some of the easy-to-care-for plants below. Spider Plant These plants remove various toxins from the air such as formaldehyde and xylene. Though this plant does require a little upkeep, all you have to do is trim the dead leaf tips off every once in a while when they start to turn brown. Spider plants are to be watered occasionally with room temperature water, and to be kept in indirect sunlight in a bright room that is 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the soil you buy for your spider plant drains well and that it is placed in a drainage pot. The Spider plant produces flowers that are usually white in colour. Dracaena Another low-maintenance plant that’s ...
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What The History Channel Left Out About The Declassified CIA Program: “History Of MK-Ultra”

Over the past week, I’ve been watching the History Channel’s America’s War on Drugs mini docu-series. To my surprise, the History Channel was shockingly honest about the CIA’s involvement in the war on drugs and the massive political propaganda campaigns that went along with it. The series criminalized the CIA and the government, and rightly so, discussing their involvement in drug trafficking, production, and testing — on both volunteers and unwilling patients — and even murder. Part of the first episode honed in on the CIA’s top-secret program that is now declassified, MK-Ultra, which involved sexual and physical abuse, drug testing, hypnosis, mind control, and other types of torture. However, the only aspect that the History Channel discussed in their MK Ultra overview was the role that LSD played. The CIA designed LSD with a Swiss manufacturer as part of the MK Ultra program in hopes that they could force people to take it and convince ...
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À Pantin, la danse fait chalouper les autres arts

Un homme touche l’omoplate d’une femme du bout des doigts et lui demande en portugais ce qu’elle peut faire avec cette articulation. Quelques mètres plus loin, une Japonaise, dans un mix anglo-nippon, propose à des jeunes gens de se transformer en un geyser d’eau qui se vide d’un coup. Deux étages au-dessus, en français, un remix de bal musette revu et corrigé les jambes bien écartées dérape sur l’accordéon. Il fait chaud, la sueur dégouline, les peaux collent et ça pulse, ça groove, ça danse, sans s’arrêter.Ce bouillon d’énergie explose à Camping, grand raout estival rassemblant dix-neuf écoles de danse et d’art internationales à l’enseigne du Centre national de la danse (CND), à Pantin. Lancée le 19 juin, la machine fonctionne à plein régime, entre cours, ateliers avec des chorégraphes, comme Vera Mantero ou Emmanuelle Huynh, et spectacles. Ce plein d’apprentissages opère dans une effervescence légère où les langues se croisent, ...
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Does Liability Protection Lead To Unsafe Vaccines? Why Are Vaccine Manufacturers Legally Exempt From Any Wrong Doing?

We received this piece from the World Mercury Project with permission to post. Please check them out here. Here is a link to their Facebook page.  A peer-reviewed study recently published in the Review of Industrial Organization examines whether removing the right to sue (“delitigation”) affects product safety. The findings highlight the importance of litigation in maintaining vaccine safety. The study, “Is ‘delitigation’ associated with a change in product safety? The case of vaccines”, by economist Dr. Gayle DeLong at Baruch College in New York, compares vaccines licensed before the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) in 1986 with vaccines licensed after the legislation. Results suggest that vaccine safety deteriorated after consumers were no longer able to sue vaccine makers. The study examines adverse events (AE) per 100,000 vaccine recipients and finds the AE ratio increased from 21.0 for vaccines licensed before 1986 to 30.8 for vaccines licensed after ...
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New Moon In Cancer: Expressing Ourselves With Greater Sensitivity

We are having a New Moon in Cancer on June 23rd/24th, depending on your location. New Moons are the beginning of a new wave of energy influencing the upcoming month. However, the astrological configurations at this time have a stronger influence over the following two weeks. Neptune recently went retrograde, on June 16th, and this will last until November 22nd. It is in retrograde motion roughly 40% of the time, and generally, throughout the bulk of its duration, its effects aren’t as direct as the retrogrades of Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Rather, its effects are felt most strongly during the transitional period — which we are currently in — as the planet slows down and changes motion. In recent weeks you may have been pulled back into something Neptune-related to help you shift the way you express its energies to serve your personal growth and development. Now is a time to ...
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