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    Original livewire from all of last week can be accessed here.

    Update – 11:59 a.m.: Jane Fonda wants Harvey in jail.

    Update – 11:22 a.m.: Colin Firth says Sophie Dix told him about Weinstein’s sexual assault and he feels ashamed for remaining silent.

    The Guardian:

    “She told me she had had a distressing encounter with Harvey Weinstein,” Firth told the Guardian. “I don’t think she went into all the horrific detail I’ve read in her interview. But I remember her being profoundly upset by it. To my shame, I merely expressed sympathy.

    “I didn’t act on what she told me,” he went on. “It was a long time ago and I don’t know if she remembers telling me, but the fact that I had that conversation has come back to haunt me in the light of these revelations. It’s the only direct account of this kind of behaviour by Harvey Weinstein that’s ever been told to me.”

    Update – 11:09 a.m.: Devastating story… Sophie Dix Sexually Assaulted by Harvey Weinstein at 22

    The Guardian

    An English actor who was on the brink of a career in the British film industry in the 1990s has told how her trajectory was “massively cut down” after an alleged sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein in a London hotel.

    Sophie Dix claimed the Hollywood mogul performed an unwelcome sexual act in her presence after she was invited up his room at the Savoy hotel “to watch some rushes” – a film production term for unprocessed footage from a day’s filming.

    She now says that what happened next was “the single most damaging thing that’s happened in my life”.

    Update – 10:51 a.m.: Writer/producer Brian Koppelman blasts Oliver Stone.

    Update – 10:38 a.m.: The leftwing Washington Post buries the Amazon sexual harassment scandal in Arts & Entertainment section. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns the Post.

    Update – 10:31 a.m.:  List of those in Hollywood accused of sexual misconduct:

    1. Alamo Drafthouse’s Devin Faraci
    2. Ain’t It Cool News’s Harry Knowles
    3. Honest Trailers’ Andy Signore
    4. Harvey Weinstein
    5. Oliver Stone
    6. Ben Affleck
    7. Amazon Studios chief Roy Price.

    Every man listed there is a hardcore leftwinger. Tell me more about the War on Women…

    Update – 10:07 a.m.: Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa slammed for rape joke.

    Footage of Jason Momoa joking about his rape scenes in Game of Thrones has gone viral online, in the wake of a wider outcry about sexual harassment in the film industry.

    Speaking at Comic Con panel event in 2011, Momoa said: “As far as sci-fi and fantasy, I love that genre because there are so many things you can do, like rip someone’s tongue out of their throat and get away with it – and rape beautiful women.” The remark, which met with laughter from the audience, has been branded “horrific” and “awful” by viewers on social media.

    Full details here.

    Update – 9:49 a.m.: After more than a week, director Quentin Tarantino finally speaks out.

    Update – 9:39 a.m.: SHAMELESS WAR ON WOMEN –> New York Governor refuses to return $60,000 in donations received from accused rapist Harvey Weinstein

    “These allegations are horrid and disturbing — sexual harassment and abuse have no place in our society,” Cuomo campaign chairman Bill Mulrow said last Friday.

    However, according to Politico, Cuomo plans to keep the remaining $60,000 for himself, leading to charges of hypocrisy from the Republican State Committee.

    Details here.

    Update – 9:27 a.m.: BOMBSHELL –> Oliver Stone Accused of Sexual Assault

    As more and more women step forward to give public testimony about their alleged abuse at the hands of Hollywood power — Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck, Amazon Studios chief Roy Price — more and more women are coming out about their alleged abuse at the hands of Hollywood power.

    Funny how that works. And on Friday morning, three-time Oscar winner Oliver Stone was added to the list.

    Details here.

    Update – 9:19 a.m.: The Weinstein Co. Nears The Brink As Agencies Cut Off Talent Supply

    The Weinstein Company was doomed a week ago. Now that there are reports that the board new about the sexual harassment payouts and even allowed for sexual harassment in Harvey’s 2015 contracts, it is even more doomed.


    Agents did not want to be on record, but reactions ranged from not wanting to risk the wrath of clients in the event of more fallout by putting them into TWC projects, and others said that if there was evidence of Weinstein benefiting directly or indirectly in projects, the agencies wanted no part of it. They felt even a re-branded company will carry a tarnish, and hoped that projects would be sold off. This wasn’t unanimous; at least one said that if Bob Weinstein and Glasser could change the messaging, and make it clear that Harvey Weinstein’s indiscretions were not in fact covered up, forgiveness could come over time.

    Update – 9:16 a.m.: Harvey Weinstein, Dinner Before Rehab in Arizona

    View the original article: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/breitbart/~3/d_wkOUTFpRk/


    Harvey Weinstein had what looked like just another night out with friends Thursday … which could not be further from the truth.

    Weinstein had dinner at Uncle Sal’s restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ … what we’re told will be his last supper before checking into a nearby rehab facility. The restaurant is in a strip mall 15 minutes from the Phoenician Resort, where he checked in Wednesday night after flying from L.A.

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