Los Angeles Times CEO Is 55th Member of Elitist Media Accused of Sexual Misconduct

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    Los Angeles Times publisher and CEO Ross Levinsohn is currently under investigation for two sexual harassment settlements and other alleged acts of inappropriate behavior, according to NPR.

    NPR reports that Levinsohn, who is both the CEO and publisher of the far-left Los Angeles Times, “was sued in separate sexual harassment lawsuits as an executive at two different corporations” and admitted to rating the “hotness” of female employees and speculating as to whether or not they moonlighted as strippers.

    Two people, according to NPR, claim “they were shocked to see Levinsohn [who was married] aggressively kissing and pressing himself against a woman at a glitzy music industry dinner in plain view of his subordinates and his clients.”

    Levinsohn is also accused of not wanting to be “surrounded by gays” at a luncheon. Apparently he used an epithet to describe homosexuals.

    Tronc, the company that owns the L.A. Times, said it is investigating the allegations but has not suspended Levinsohn.

    The sexual harassment allegations reach all the way back to 2001.

    Levinsohn is the 55th member of the elitist media accused of sexual misconduct.

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