Protesters gather outside AfD election party (WATCH LIVE VIDEO)

Published time: 24 Sep, 2017 21:44 A group of activists have gathered outside the Alternative for Germany (AfD) election party in Berlin to protest the party’s electoral gains. The right-wing, ... Read More

Alejandro Villanueva Defies Steelers’ Anthem Protest, Takes Field Hand Over Heart

All but one of the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to protest by staying in their locker room, during the playing of the national anthem at this afternoon’s game in Chicago. The ... Read More

Seahawks and Titans Also Plan to Stay in Their Locker Rooms for the Anthem

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson by Dylan Gwinn24 Sep 20170 24 Sep, 201724 Sep, 2017 The Steelers, sans U.S. Army Ranger veteran Alejandro Villanueva, remained in their locker room during the playing ... Read More

Emerson Poll: Judge Roy Moore Holds 10-Point Lead over Luther Strange in Alabama Senate Race

Judge Roy Moore holds a 10-point lead over Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) just days before Alabamians go to the polls in the Republican Senate primary race, according to a poll ... Read More

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Endorses Judge Roy Moore, Will Speak Alongside Bannon at Rally

Jonathan Bachman/Getty by Oliver JJ Lane24 Sep 20170 24 Sep, 201724 Sep, 2017 Nigel Farage — the man behind Britain’s anti-establishment Brexit vote and an early supporter of President Donald ... Read More

Roy Moore Looks to Dominate Among Rural Alabama Voters

MCINTOSH, Alabama – If the forgotten man and woman were who propelled Donald Trump to the White House last November, a similar dynamic could be playing out in this week’s ... Read More

Luther Strange Backed by Members of Big Pharma Group Pushing Prescription Opioids Amid Epidemic in Alabama

NEW YORK — During a period he served as Alabama Attorney General, Luther Strange received more campaign contributions than any other U.S .attorney general from members of a controversial lobby ... Read More

Rwandan police detain Paul Kagame critic Diane Rwigara

Rwandan police have arrested Diane Rwigara, a leading critic of President Paul Kagame, for alleged offences against state security. Rwigara's mother and sister were also detained on tax evasion charges, ... Read More

Eagles win on record-long field goal as time expires

[unable to retrieve full-text content] ... Read More

German election: Anti-AfD protests erupt in Berlin

Hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets in central Berlin after exit polls showed that the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party had become Germany's third-largest political force. Shouting slogans such as ... Read More

Hate crime probe after man stabbed in neck on way to mosque

Image copyright PA A man in his 60s has been stabbed in the back of the neck on his way to a mosque in Altrincham, Greater Manchester. He was attacked ... Read More

Wave of anthem protests across NFL as Trump clashes with players & owners (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Sunday saw an unprecedented number of NFL players and staff engaging in a protest against the US national anthem after President Donald Trump called for protesting players to be fired ... Read More

22 arrested in fresh St. Louis mall protests after ex-cop acquitted in black man’s killing (VIDEO)

Published time: 24 Sep, 2017 19:54 St. Louis police arrested 22 protesters at the Galleria shopping mall, where dozens gathered to march in defiance of a “not guilty” verdict for ... Read More

Bus crash in Austrian Alps averted after tourist applies brake

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The incident took place in the Tyrolean Alps A quick-thinking French tourist has been praised for preventing a bus from plunging over a cliff ... Read More

Berkeley ‘Free Speech Week’ cancelled, Yiannopoulos to hold rally anyway

Milo Yiannopoulos’ planned Free Speech Week at Berkeley has been cancelled, but the right wing troll announced he intends to hold a rally instead. The cancellation has fuelled suspicions that ... Read More

Russian lieutenant-general killed in ISIS shelling near Deir ez-Zor, Syria – MoD

Published time: 24 Sep, 2017 18:47Edited time: 24 Sep, 2017 18:54 Lieutenant-General Valery Asapov of the Russian armed forces has been killed after coming under shelling from Islamic State (IS, ... Read More

Barzani to Kurds: Vote in referendum to secure future

The president of the Kurdish Regional Government President has urged millions of Kurds to cast their ballot in an upcoming independence referendum, vowing to seek talks with Iraq's central government ... Read More

SF police rescue wife and kids from hostage situation, fatally shoot suspect

Police fatally shot a man in a Nob Hill apartment and rescued the man’s wife and two children, who were being held hostage inside, early Sunday morning. At 11:35 p.m ... Read More

Scientists Chart The Layout of Human Chakras & Show How We Can Properly Align Them

Electrophotonic analysis in medicine is something that’s been gaining more attention from scientists and researchers from all over the world. It’s one case -of many -that demonstrates how humanity is ... Read More

What Binge Watching Can Physically Do To Your Body

I’m sure that you hesitated before choosing to read this article, as most of us have been sucked into a binge watching marathon on more than one occasion (myself included). While ... Read More

Six spectators injured in North Yorkshire motorbike race crashes

Image copyright Geograph / Christopher Hall Image caption The bikers crashed on the same hairpin bend during a road race at Oliver's Mount in Scarborough Two people have been seriously ... Read More

At least 6 injured in shooting at church near Nashville

Published time: 24 Sep, 2017 17:08Edited time: 24 Sep, 2017 17:14 At least six people have been injured at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee, according to ... Read More

After Math: Like looking into the future

It was an exciting week for futuristic technologies. Knightscope debuted its newest roboguard, Nest showed off a face-recognizing outdoor camera, and Google came up with a way to close your ... Read More

The best air purifier

Who should get this Despite prolific marketing to the contrary, scientific studies do not support claims that air purifiers improve your health, in part because it's exceptionally difficult to disentangle ... Read More

Up to 35,000 evacuated as Bali on high alert for volcanic eruption (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Published time: 24 Sep, 2017 16:18 Up to 35,000 people have fled a looming volcanic eruption on the island of Bali after some 300 tremors, increasing in both frequency and ... Read More

‘No info pointing at that’: German election chief on fears of meddling in parliamentary polls

There has been no evidence of any interference in the ongoing German federal parliamentary elections thus far, the head of the German Federal Election Committee, Dieter Sarreither, told Russian news ... Read More

M3 Winchester closure: ‘Flammable material cause of delays’

Image copyright Simon Read Image caption Bomb disposal experts were called to the scene An unknown flammable material, thrown from a motorway bridge, caused the closure of the M3 which ... Read More

TV : « Loch Ness », enquête en eaux troubles

Série sur 13ème à 20h35 Un cœur humain retrouvé sur une plage, un cadavre tombé d’une falaise et auquel a été prélevée une partie du cerveau, un adolescent qui disparaît… ... Read More

Iran halts Iraqi Kurdistan flights ahead of referendum

Iran has halted flights to airports in Iraqi Kurdistan at the request of the central government in Baghdad a day before a Kurdish independence referendum, the semi-official Fars news agency ... Read More

Man falls 50ft down disused mineshaft in west Cornwall

Image copyright Google Image caption Rescuers were called to Port Nanven in west Cornwall A major rescue operation is under way after a man fell 50ft (15m) down a disused ... Read More

One on one with Sen. Cory Booker

Sen. Cory Booker joins Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss, healthcare, wealth injustice, equality injustice and a possible 2020 run, tune in!Read more ... Read More


Rev. Al Sharpton discusses how Trump has made his racial divide problem so much worse with his recent comments about NFL Players, watch this clip to see what he has ... Read More

German elites prepare Russian hacking claim in case elections don’t go their way – ex-MI5 officer

The German national character is risk-averse: stability, prosperity and security tend to be the things Germans would vote for. And if Merkel is perceived to deliver them, she will remain ... Read More

Send nudes: Ransomware demands x-rated photos to unlock victim’s device

Published time: 24 Sep, 2017 15:31 In an entirely predictable development, victims of a new type of ransomware attack are being extorted for 10 nude pictures in order to unlock ... Read More

Pilar brings tropical storm conditions to southwestern Mexico

Sept. 24 (UPI) -- Tropical Storm Pilar is bringing heavy rains and strong winds to portions of southwest Mexico, with warnings in effect for coastal areas. The National Hurricane Center ... Read More

GOP Sen Collins: ‘Very Difficult’ to Envision Scenario Where I Would Vote for Graham-Cassidy

by Pam Key24 Sep 20170 24 Sep, 201724 Sep, 2017 Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) said it would be “very difficult” to envision a scenario where she ... Read More

Stevie Wonder Takes Both Knees ‘For America’ During Global Citizen Concert

ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images by Daniel Nussbaum24 Sep 20170 24 Sep, 201724 Sep, 2017 Stevie Wonder dropped to both knees ahead of his concert at the Global Citizen Festival in New ... Read More

Multiple Players Kneel During National Anthem of Ravens-Jaguars London Game

by Pam Key24 Sep 20170 24 Sep, 201724 Sep, 2017 Sunday in London, at the NFL’s first game of the day featuring the Baltimore Ravens versus the Jacksonville Jaguars, several ... Read More

Politics Over the Water’s Edge: Jags and Ravens, Coaches and Owner, Stage Massive Anti-Trump Anthem Protest in London

AP Photo/Tim Ireland by Dylan Gwinn24 Sep 20170 24 Sep, 201724 Sep, 2017 If you wanted to get a little taste of just how lit the NFL is going to ... Read More

Mobile AL Talk Host: Luther Strange Campaign ‘Has the Fingerprints of Consultants on Every Part,’ Similar to Hillary

by Jeff Poor23 Sep 20170 23 Sep, 201723 Sep, 2017 On the Friday broadcast of “Mobile Mornings” on Mobile, AL’s FM Talk 106.5, host Sean Sullivan criticized Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) ... Read More

Chamber of Commerce: ‘Shut Down’ Roy Moore & ‘Remind Bannon Who’s in Charge’

MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images by Joel B. Pollak24 Sep 20170 24 Sep, 201724 Sep, 2017 U.S. Chamber of Commerce political strategist Scott Reed told the New York Times Saturday that it was ... Read More

Untold stories of most vulnerable Rohingya refugees

Balukhali, Cox's Bazar - More than 430,000 Rohingya have arrived in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar district in the past four weeks, fleeing a military offensive inside Myanmar. Aid agencies say children, ... Read More

The 2012 Alpine Murders Conspiracy †Unexplained and Unsolved

Four adults assassinated by a killer with a 60+ year old Luger...Multiple suspects from different nations...Theories ranging from a lone madman to an international espionage conspiracy.Five years on the mysterious ... Read More

Dunkin’ Donuts to be served on all Amtrak Northeast Regional Trains

Dunkin’ climbs all aboard some of the nation’s busiest trains. to see original story and photos ... Read More


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