Mo Brooks Addresses Trump in Closing Argument to AL Voters: ‘McConnell and Strange Are Weak, But Together We Can Be Strong’

With just three days to go before Alabama voters go to cast the polls to vote on who they want to face off in the state’s special election for U.S. Senate, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) made his closing argument to voters in a 30-second advertisement set to run statewide in Alabama through Primary Day.

In the ad, Brooks addresses the frustrations President Donald Trump has expressed about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Twitter. Earlier this week, Trump endorsed Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL), who is backed by McConnell and his Senate Leadership Fund.

Brooks asks Trump if it was time that he should tell McConnell and Strange, “You’re fired.”

Transcript as follows:

You’re absolutely right, Mr. President.

And, Luther Strange and Mitch McConnell, they’re dead wrong. They’ve failed you on Obamacare, building the Wall, balancing the budget. They fight to keep the 60 percent rule that kills your agenda. I sure don’t!

McConnell and Strange are weak.

But, together, we can be strong.

Mr. President, isn’t it time we tell McConnell and Strange, “you’re fired”?

I’m Mo Brooks, and I approve this message.

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