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    ‘Flying Lotus in 3D’ is a jam session between music and holograms

    Dubbed the "electronic Jimi Hendrix," Ellison has worked with Herbie Hancock as well as Kendrick Lamar, and is the great nephew of Alice and John Coltrane. But he is also a trained filmmaker and says that's where his heart is. "I've always wanted my shows to feel more cinematic because that's how I enjoy my music," he said. "I love this idea that people, when I look out into the crowd, it looks like they're going to the movies." The problem with 3D, however, is that eight years after the release of James Cameron's Avatar, the technology falls squarely in ... Read More

    Samsung smart TVs gain Amazon Prime Music support

    Amazon Prime Music has a limited choice compared to services like Spotify or Apple Music, but it has one huge advantage: It's free if you're already a Prime member, at least in the US and UK. Unlimited Music gives you more choice, but is a paid service with a discount for Prime members and Echo owners. Up until now, however, the services have been pretty much limited to your phone, PC, Amazon's Echo or other Alexa devices from Sonos and others. The music services will work on most Samsung Smart TV models, provided you're in the US, United Kingdom, Germany, ... Read More

    Google’s latest VR series takes you to the set of ‘Austin City Limits’

    Some of Google's VR show offerings include a Discovery travel series, tours of supermodels' closets, an MLB series that profiles up-and-coming baseball stars, a look into the lives of NFL players, coaches, executives and fans as well as Google's Immerse series that explores race, diversity and identity. Austin City Limits: Backstage will be a 10-part series with each episode featuring a different artist or group. The first three episodes, which are available now, focus on Ed Sheeran, the Zac Brown Band and Unsung Heroes. You can check them out using your Cardboard or Google Daydream View here ... Read More

    You can now stream Deezer on Roku devices in the US

    This probably won't sway you if you're already using Spotify's Roku channel. And Deezer support is arguably more important in the service's European home turf, where the Roku channel is already available (Latin America receives support soon). Consider this, though: there aren't exactly many choices for streaming music on Roku boxes, so this adds some much-needed competition ... Read More

    Peter Buck of R.E.M.: “How many people write songs when they’re 70? I want to be one of them”

    (Credit: Getty/Paras Griffin) Peter Buck is the hardest-working man in rock ‘n’ roll — and that’s no hyperbole. This was always the case when R.E.M. was an ongoing entity; the guitarist could always be found producing bands or hopping onstage for guest appearances. But since the Athens quartet called it a day in 2011, Buck’s activity has accelerated significantly. In fact, when Salon dials up Buck to talk about the reissue of R.E.M.’s 1992 opus “Automatic For The People,“ which is out on November 10, he’s brimming with news about new albums in the works with Alejandro Escovedo, Joseph Arthur ... Read More

    Universal Music taps AR and VR to hype new releases

    The companies will work together to create immersive music, which will then show up on Within's app, which is available on iOS, Android, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony PSVR and Google Daydream. The idea of this new partnership is to begin collaborations early in the music creation process to better integrate VR and AR into the creation, production and promotion of new tracks, rather than just as an add-on after the fact. "Music is one of the most uniquely transformative mediums of human expression; combining it with immersive AR and VR experiences creates a new art form exponentially more powerful ... Read More

    The best book about the Beatles you will ever read is “Love Me Do! The Beatles’ Progress”

    (Credit: Getty/Hulton Archive) Ever since I got into the Beatles as a 14-year-old, I have been reading Beatles books rapaciously, ranking them in my head with only slightly less of the zeal I deploy in ranking Beatles albums. For instance, I will all but throw down — rhetorically speaking, of course — in arguing that Peter Brown and Steven Gaines’ “The Love You Make“ has more of the visceral truth than the rah-rah cheerleading of the “Anthology,” that Philip Norman’s “Shout!: The Beatles in Their Generation“ is the best tome on the pre-fame years, and that acclaimed Beatles chronicler Mark ... Read More

    A new reissue of the Rolling Stones’ oft-demeaned “Their Satanic Majesties Request” flips the script

    If you were alive in 1967 and old enough to be listening to music, I imagine the last thing you would have expected, after the summer of that year, was for the Rolling Stones to get in on the lovey-dovey act of prevailing good vibes. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” had happened, Monterey Pop had happened, but the Stones had had a quiet year, as if they were busy formulating a response. That rejoinder to the zeitgeist came in the form of “Their Satanic Majesties Request,” which has just been lavishly reissued by Universal Music in a set that ... Read More

    Apple Music tunes are now available inside Facebook Messenger

    To use the extension, simply tap the plus icon to the left of the chat field and add Apple Music to any conversation. You can also interact directly with the bot in a chat just like you would any other of your friends. Simply search for "Apple Music" from the Messenger home screen and start talking to it to discover new artists and genres. You can even send an emoji to the chatbot and it will suggest a playlist to match. It's so 2017. Even if you don't have an Apple Music subscription, you'll be able to listen to and ... Read More

    Apple Music will stream documentary on Pink’s new album October 13th

    The short film should please Pink fans and anyone who wants to peek behind the curtain of a massive pop star's professional life. In the trailer above, you can hear Pink talk about how making an album is complex, with many moving pieces. Writing and recording songs is just the start, she says. "You have to finish the songs, and somebody's in New York and someone's in Philadelphia." Then there are photo and video shoots for the album, but she also has to perform at festivals and regular shows, too. The documentary seems to include all of P!nk's trademark honesty ... Read More

    Grammy winner Dan Wilson plays his ’90s hit “Closing Time”

    (Credit: Peter Cooper) “I’ve worked with a lot of really brilliant people,” Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum songwriter Dan Wilson said on “Salon Stage.” “Some of those really brilliant people are extremely well-known — famous people. But some of the really brilliant people I’ve worked with, not a lot of people have heard of. Music is a real equalizer among people; if you have an ability and a vibe, that comes through in your music, you can almost collaborate with anybody.” Wilson has authored songs with some of the music industry’s giants: Adele, Nas, Taylor Swift, John Legend, Weezer, Dixie Chicks. There ... Read More

    EU withheld a study that shows piracy doesn’t hurt sales

    Done by Dutch organization Ecorys, the study might have been lost altogether if not for the effort of EU parliamentarian Julia Reda. She submitted a freedom of information request in July 2017, and after stalling twice, the commission finally produced it. The conclusion? "With the exception of recently released blockbusters, there is no evidence to support the idea that online copyright infringement displaces sales," Reda wrote on her blog. It's not as though the EU just forgot the study in a drawer. It concluded that one specific category, blockbuster movies, is negatively impacted by piracy, with ten downloads leading to ... Read More