New Moon In Capricorn: Developing Mastery

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    We are starting a new lunar cycle with a New Moon in Capricorn on January 16th/17th. New Moons mark a new wave of energy for the month, with this one leading us into eclipse season, which peaks with a Lunar Eclipse in Leo in two weeks. Although this lunation is not an eclipse itself, it is very much connected to the next one coming up, similar to the undertow of a big wave approaching the shore.

    The energies of eclipses usually start to creep up slowly in the 6 weeks leading up to them and they also influence the following 6 months until the next series of eclipses. The astrological configurations and placements of the eclipses signify changes and shifts, or you could also view it as the ‘next chapter’.

    Therefore, although much of this article will be covering the astrological energies of this New Moon and the the two weeks following it, it’s important consider that the eclipse energies, which can bring changes, are also a big part of the backdrop right now. The Leo Lunar Eclipse will occur on January 31st, and this will be followed by a Solar Eclipse that will occur in Aquarius on February 15th. I will be writing separate articles for these, if you would like to ensure that you receive them, you can do so by signing up on my mailing list here.

    New Moon In Capricorn With Four Planets In The Same Sign

    We started Capricorn season on the winter solstice as always, and the energies of this sign are highly amped up due to many planets being placed there. It’s about structure, ambitions, goals, career, social status, responsibilities, and hard work. It is cautious, conservative, and pragmatic. As an Earth sign, it has the qualities of practicality, reliability, solidity and being grounded. This element is very much orientated around the physical and material world.

    The ruler of Capricorn, which is Saturn, recently came home to this sign where it will be for the next 2.5 years (approximately). In this sign, Saturn also really emphasizes the themes mentioned above. This is a period to consider our long term goals and building towards them, like the mountain goat that is slowly but surely working its way to the top. In whatever area Capricorn is in your natal chart, which is based on your exact birth time, is where Saturn will be doing this.

    New Moon In Aspect With Uranus and Venus

    This New Moon is separating from a square with Uranus in which its influence was strongest in the days leading up, however, it can still impact the upcoming month or next few weeks, at the very least. It really emphasizes the ‘wild card’ energy as well as the changes and shifts that  an eclipse can bring.

    At worst, Uranus can bring surprises, disruptions, separations, rebellion, and even losses. However, it can also help us to awaken, release, or push us to take a new approach to something. With Venus also close by, some people have (or will) experience this in their relationships, friendships, love life, as well as anything to do with money, pleasures, aesthetics, values, or value of something.

    Mars Trine Chiron Aspecting New Moon, Jupiter Sextile Pluto

    Mars in Scorpio is in a trine with Chiron, which is also tied into this New Moon by aspect. This is a great energy for tapping into our gifts, taking a holistic approach to things, as well as addressing wounds and taking actions towards any required healing we may need. It is possible that some of this could be related to Venus themes mentioned above. Uranus, in a semi-sextile to Chiron, can also help to liberate from certain blockages which can help us to achieve some of the previously mentioned possibilities in the first sentence of this paragraph.

    Jupiter in Scorpio in a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn reinforces some of the influence of Mars trine Chiron. Both of these influences combined can be transformational and empowering, however, Jupiter’s aspect with Pluto will be in and out throughout the year as well. This aspect also emphasizes the Capricorn themes of pushing towards our goals. Things that were beneath the surface, or in which we were unconscious about, may even be revealed at this time.  This can also be good for studying deep subjects or gaining a deeper understanding of something.

    Making Intentions And Things To Consider

    What are your goals and ambitions and what do you need to do to fulfill them? What can you integrate into your life to help you shine and achieve mastery at what you do? What do you need to liberate yourself from in order to bring more harmony into your life? What needs to be transformed? What activities, modalities, or exercises can you to help to empower yourself and develop a stronger mindset?

    These are just some examples of what your intentions can be oriented around, but they don’t need to be limited to them. The exact time of this New Moon will be at 9:17pm Universal Time on January 16th. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone. It is best to make your intentions as close to the New Moon as possible and even up a half hour prior to when it occurs. If that is not possible, they can even be done within the first 24 hours following.

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