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with Adam Curry & John C Dvorak

New Media pioneer Adam Curry has been bringing his special brand of social commentary, music, humor and geek wizardry to your earbuds since August 13th of 2004. The first to put together syndication and scripting technology with a daily audio show, Adam ushered in a new era of independent media at a time when the corporate media conglomerates were spewing forth an endless stream of boring, robotic content.

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You know John C. Dvorak from his columns in PC Magazine and Dow Jones Marketwatch. And you know that everybody’s favorite crank always gives it to you straight up and unfiltered. A national gold award winner for best online column from the American Business Editors Association two years in a row, and a featured guest analyst on CNBC, he is one of the most respected business tech columnists, editors and authors in the trade.

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Read John’s blog at Dvorak Uncensored.

John and the Cranky Geeks bring you a unique weekly take on all things Geek.

Listen to Tech 5: A Daily Dose of the opinions of John C. Dvorak and the world of technology.

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