Oculus and Marvel Announce New Rift Co-op Title ‘Powers United VR’

Announced at Disney fan expo D23 today, Oculus are teaming up with Marvel to bring a new Rift exclusive title which lets you play as one of “more than a dozen” characters from their comic book universe, with a little help from the Oculus Touch controllers.

Take one iconic Marvel superhero, The Incredible Hulk, and throw him into a co-operative, first person VR action game with two slightly less iconic ones Rocket Racoon (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Captain Marvel, and you have Oculus Studios’ latest title Powers United VR. These are the first three characters to be demonstrated for the game, which will eventually offer up more than a dozen playable Marvel characters at launch.

The game, developed exclusively for the Rift & Touch by Sanzaru and Oculus Studios, lets you join 2 other friends to battle “across the Marvel Universe”. As Hulk you can, well, smash stuff with Rocket Racoon bringing his love of exotic weaponry to bear alongside Captain Marvel’s photon blasts.

With the exception of that, and the fact that we’ll have to wait until 2018 to play it, Oculus’ blog post was a little light on details. Except to state that if you’re attending this year’s San Diego Comic Con you can be one of the first to get your hands on the game July 19 -23 at Marvel’s booth.

It’s interesting that Oculus saw fit to highlight “full locomotion” as a headline feature, with more and more VR gamers seemingly demanding to choose a more immersive, if potentially less comfortable way to move through VR gameworlds.

You can stay tuned to the official teaser website for more info later in the year.

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