Oliver Stone: Deep State, Military-Industrial Complex, Intel Agencies Trying to Shape Policy With Leaks

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” liberal documentary filmmaker Oliver Stone said he agreed with the what some have suggested about the so-called “deep state” trying to overrule the president when it comes to determining what policies will be implemented.

Stone, who was promoting his Showtime special “The Putin Interviews,” told host Tucker Carlson a “thorough examination” was warranted and pointed to former CIA Director John Brennan for being “very hostile” toward incoming President Donald Trump.

Partial transcript as follows:

CARLSON: There was just a story out that the investigation into Trump by former FBI Director Robert Mueller, apparently FBI agents are leaking details of that investigation to the press and you’re seeing leaks from all the different intel agencies against the administration. It seems like they’re trying to change their policies. Does that surprise you?

STONE: Well, the overtness of it does. If the investigation were to continue, which it probably will, I think they have to go back to the origins of that leak in January. Who put out that information? Who gave it to The New York Times, The Washington Post, back channel? You have to ask these questions.”

It seems as if some people have said, and I tend to agree – the deep state, the military-industrial complex, the intelligence agencies have their own position and have had it for many years. And they continue to promote the wars that they do in all these countries. Even Obama said I want to close Guantanamo, I want to cut down on Afghanistan, and I want to do this and I want to do that. He didn’t do it. You have to ask yourself who is running the country.

CARLSON: Doesn’t the president get to decide the policies?

STONE: You’d think so, you’d think so. I think we need a thorough examination of what’s going on. I’m shocked at what the CIA did and what Brennan did. It seemed like he was very hostile to Trump, very hostile. And I think Comey carried it out. It was Comey, if anybody, who influenced the election. In my opinion, it was Comey’s declaration that the investigation on Clinton had been dropped and then he reopened it three weeks or two weeks before.

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