One Of The Best UFO Documentaries Of All Time (Remastered) – Narrated By Rod Serling (Twilight Zone)

(includes Rod Serling ,Jacques Vallée, J. Allen Hynek and Burgess Meredith)

*This is unquestionably the best copy of the film you can find. It is the original VHS to DVD version – then remastered video to improve quality and poor compression issues*

Extremely thorough and produced back when people with a serious scientific background were not so easily swayed by a media proclaiming that the entire scene is absurd. Back when there was much less of a backlash upon someone’s character, were they to discuss or research such anomalies.

Hosted by legends Rod Serling and Burgess Meredith! This documentary has multiple interesting segments regarding UFO and Alien activity, including abduction tales from decades ago. (many think the abduction/missing time cases are a relatively new thing – they definitely are not)

This documentary also includes segments about crop circles and cattle mutilation – a truly wonderful UFO documentary.

I hesitate to use the word “classy” when talking about a documentary. However, I read a recent comment about this video that uses the term, and i think that’s well put. Compared the the majority of UFO documentaries out there – this comes across with some real class/integrity.

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Havent’ seen it and are interested in UFOs?
Stop reading this; hit play.

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