Our Fashion Crystal Ball Says You’ll Be Wearing These 5 Shoe Trends Come Autumn

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    If there’s one thing we like to plan for, it’s fashion—especially shoes. While many of us like to stick to our wardrobe staples, footwear tends to be the standout piece to make an outfit really sing. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your personality and keep up-to-date with trends. For proof of our love for shoes, you need only know that the most bought item of 2017 was a pair of sneakers. What with New York Fashion Week drawing to a close, it seemed timely to look into our fashion crystal ball and see which shoe trends will be making an impact on our closets come autumn/winter 2018. Click through for the five trends you’ll be wearing.

    Style Notes: Kitten and midi heels are still making an impact, and they were everywhere from Tory Burch to Tom Ford.
    Style Notes: Prabal Gurung offered up some of the most exciting shoes in the form of these pink heels with a red bow.
    Style Notes: Tom Ford upped the sass with his shoes that included animal print, fishnets, and sparkles. 
    Style Notes: Cowboy boots are still going strong well into 2018, with a gentler, more fashionable version on offer. These minimal versions come from Tibi.
    Style Notes: Similarly, Self-Portrait had a reworked version of cowboy boots but done in a simple, elegant check.
    Style Notes: Some more classic cowboy boots gave a nod to old Western movies at Anna Sui.
    Style Notes: Sassy red shoes have returned, and they come in many iterations, from barely there sandals at Monse to strappy velvet creations at Oscar de la Renta.
    Style Notes: Some other winners from Prabal Gurung were these red heels.
    Style Notes: Such gorgeous footwear from Oscar de la Renta. Velvet and red = festive party shoes. 
    Style Notes: Nude shoes from Brock Collection included subtle lace on skin-coloured mules. 
    Style Notes: These barely there sandals make you wondered where the tights end and the shoes begin.
    Style Notes: The smallest amount of material to hold these shoes together. So chic.
    Style Notes: Gold sandals but with lacing, open toe and socks, oh my!
    Style Notes: The heels are everything on these shoes.
    Style Notes: Three straps, rather than the traditional two, give these sandals a twist. So, which ones do you have on your wish list?

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