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When two leading Soviet scientists recently proposed this theory, shockwaves reverberated throughout the entire scientific world. Now for the first time a book makes available the revelations that are causing a revolution in our knowledge of the Moon.

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Here you will find the Soviet Artificial Moon Theory in its entirety, amazing actual transcripts from American Moon Missions that NASA has chosen not to publicize, and authoritative sightings and studies from leading astronomers all over the globe. OUR MYSTERIOUS SPACESHIP MOON is a compelling, enthralling and totally convincing work that opens our minds to what is quite possibly the greatest discovery man has ever made.


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Prepare to meet two Soviet scientists and their incredible theory which explains all the mysteries of the Moon. This book could very well be the most mind-boggling experience of your life.

When I first stumbled across the shocking Soviet theory revealing the true nature of the Moon, I was staggered. At first I found it unbelievable and naturally rejected it. Then, as scientific information from our Apollo expeditions brought back more and more facts that backed the Soviet theory, I found myself forced to accept it.

All my life I have been fascinated by the sky and the stars. The bright, fire-laden Moon was no exception. But I – like most other people – had learned to look upon her as just a close companion world of our Earth, a sometimes bright, sometimes absent light of the night. Like many, I had come to take her inconstant face and warm familiarity for granted.

Then in 1957 the Russians launched the world’s first satellite and the Space Age began. Soon both superpowers of our planet – the U.S. and the ‘S.U.’ – were striving valiantly to reach the Moon. And after a decade of effort, man finally succeeded in reaching his neighbor in the sky.

Our landing on the Moon has been called man’s greatest adventure. It has been described as,
“the greatest scientific, engineering and exploratory challenge in the history of the human race.”
Ironically, it may prove to be more. The true makeup of this alien world could be the key to the very mystery of man himself!

For another story is lurking here that remains largely unknown – not only the strange encounters of American astronauts with an unknown alien presence on the Moon (as documented by NASA files), but the even more startling untold scientific account of the real nature of this strange lunar world.


Read this book and open-mindedly weigh the evidence. Perhaps you will come to agree that the theory of these two scholars from the Soviet Academy of Sciences is a most startling discovery. But even if you doubt their overwhelming findings, the Moon will never be the same to you again.

Never will you raise your eyes to look at her without wondering: IS IT OR ISN’T IT AN ALIEN SPACESHIP WORLD?

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