Paper review: Corbyn’s ‘Brexit betrayal’ and snow ‘chaos’

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    Image caption Jeremy Corbyn’s speech, in which he is expected to clarify Labour’s stance on a post-Brexit customs union, is featured in the Guardian. The paper reports this shift in policy could put the PM “on the spot” as it could increase her chances of a Commons defeat. It adds Mr Corbyn will rule out committing to a full membership of the single market after Brexit.
    Image caption But his speech has led to accusations of a “Brexit betrayal”, reports the Mail. The paper says Mr Corbyn’s plans would “sacrifice” the ability to strike new trade deals and allow free movement to continue. It adds that his call for a “close relationship” with the EU single market is an example of what the Brexit Secretary has called breaking his commitments to Labour voters at the last election.
    Image caption The Daily Telegraph leads on David Davis critical of Mr Corbyn’s expectant pledges which he says will “keep Britain tied to the EU indefinitely”. Writing in the paper, Mr Davis says Labour’s position would represent two “serious breaches” of the party’s manifesto and accuses Mr Corbyn of “selling snake oil” over Brexit.
    Image caption Whereas, the i reports British shoppers may be sold “inferior” dairy products if a post-Brexit trade deal with the US goes ahead. It says the American dairy industry is lobbying for less stringent rules which could allow products from cows with udder infections to be sold.
    Image caption Meanwhile, the EU will outline a “last-resort option” for Northern Ireland to stay part of the EU’s regime, reports the Financial Times. It says a draft withdrawal agreement to be published this week leaves out what the paper calls “crucial compromise language” that had been agreed by Theresa May. The paper claims the draft does not include Britain’s wording of promising “no new regulatory barriers” would develop between the UK and Northern Ireland.
    Image caption Snow chaos will “cripple” Britain, claims the Daily Express. The paper says -15C temperatures will disrupt travel, power and even mobile phone signals. It adds the army has been drafted in – in preparation of up to a foot of snow and ice over the coming week.
    Image caption Three rail companies have already announced disruption to their networks due to snow that is yet to fall, says the Metro. The paper reports reduced services and cancellations on some Greater Anglia, C2C and Transport for London routes.
    Image caption The icy temperatures and snow will be “historic”, reports the Daily Mirror.
    Image caption The Daily Star also leads on the weather – warning people to “stay indoors” to avoid the deep freeze.
    Image caption Universities will have to take action on high salaries, grade inflation and support for disadvantaged students under new rules, the Times reports. The paper says the watchdog, Office for Students, will closely monitor and govern management issues including vice-chancellor salaries and academic problems such as the rise in first class degrees. On Wednesday, the body’s involvement in the everyday running of universities will be put before parliament.
    Image caption The Sun leads on allegations against an England football team aide and a kitman.

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