Plus-Size Wedding Dresses Have Caught Up With the Rest of the Bridal World

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    While a few brands nail plus size with contemporary and on-trend pieces, wedding dresses are hard to find for those who are dress size 18+. This is surprising, especially seeing that the average dress size for women in the UK was 16 in 2016. And according to a review undertaken by Price Waterhouse Coopers in 2017, the plus-size market is now worth £6.6 billion “and has been outperforming the overall womenswear and menswear markets in the UK.”

    Thankfully, we’re seeing a shift with a few brands starting to do incredible wedding dresses. One such brand is ASOS Curve, and H&M’s bridal collection goes up to size 20. But what about more designer options? They’re not as easy to discover, but they exist and they’re chic. If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, then keep scrolling for the best plus-size wedding dresses for every budget and style.

    Embrace the more traditional styles and go for a lace dress with embroidered straps.
    This style goes up to size 22 and is exactly the kind of dress for a bride who wants something low-key and fabulous.
    This sits in the middle between expensive and affordable. It’s worth noting that this dress only goes up to a size 18, but it’s seriously pretty, so we had to include it.
    Boho brides will be happy to know that this frock goes up to a size 28.
    Designer brand Stone Fox Bride has many gorgeous dresses available, such as this kimono-style gown.
    Don’t want to feel exposed on your big day? ASOS has the answer.
    A minimalist’s dream.
    Another winner from Stone Fox Bride.
    Who says you can’t be a member of the royal family on your big day?
    Well done to H&M for its offering of various sizes for its wedding dress range.
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    Hats off to these brands for finally catching up with the rest of the bridal world.

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