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    Spotify Pulls Multiple Alex Jones Podcasts for ‘Hate Speech’ Violations

    Spotify has pulled multiple episodes of InfoWars host Alex Jones’s podcast for violating their rules on “hate speech,” the company has revealed. In a statement, a Spotify spokeswoman told Variety that ... Read More

    Google Podcasts is pretty but basic

    Google has a long and disappointing history with podcasts. With Apple and iTunes, they were always an integral part of the experience. For Android, though, it was an afterthought. Google ... Read More

    Pandora’s CEO is doubling down on podcasts

    By JP Mangalindan Pandora CEO Roger Lynch wants to offer listeners an easier way to discover new podcasts as the company adds more podcasts to its service and beefs up ... Read More

    Why “Black Panther” is such a big deal for women

    "Black Panther" (Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios) Civil rights activist Marian Wright Edelman famously said, “It’s hard to be what you can’t see.” It’s a refrain used often by those of us ... Read More

    Anchor turns itself into a one-stop podcast creation app

    Anchor started off as a social network for audio -- the app let users make quick, impromptu broadcasts to their followers straight from their phone. But the company started seeing ... Read More

    Why is HBO making shows from podcasts?

    HBO has signed a deal with political podcast Pod Save America that will see the popular show become a series of TV specials. The episodes will be shot and broadcast ... Read More

    Stagecraft Podcast: Even John Lithgow ‘Feels Like a Fraud’ Sometimes

    John Lithgow may have won two Tony Awards, six Emmys, and a couple of Golden Globes, but even he doubts his own skills sometimes. Take, for instance, every time he’s ... Read More

    Remote Controlled: Ed Helms Says Comedy Special ‘Fake News’ Pokes Fun at Cable News

    Welcome to “Remote Controlled,” a podcast from Variety featuring the best and brightest in television, both in front of and behind the camera. In this week’s episode, Variety’s executive editor of TV Debra Birnbaum ... Read More

    Playback: Christian Bale on ‘Hostiles,’ Batman and Thoughts of Hanging It Up

    Welcome to “Playback,” a Variety podcast bringing you exclusive conversations with the talents behind many of today’s hottest films. Oscar-winning actor Christian Bale has been hard at work the last ... Read More