Report: Jared Kushner Slapped with $200 Fine for Late Reporting of Finances

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    White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner has reportedly been hit with a $200 fine for his late reporting of a financial transaction, the latest (albeit minor) legal hiccup for Kushner over his business dealings.

    According to McClatchy, the Office of Government Ethics slapped Kushner with a fine for being one of 18 White House staffers who filed their personal disclosures late. White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders both also filed their disclosure forms late.

    Both Priebus and Sanders filed their disclosures within 30 days of the due date — but Kushner did not, meaning he will be hit with a $200 fine payable to the U.S. Treasury, the outlet reports.

    According to Kushner’s OGE filing in July, the report in question involved a February transaction with real estate investment company JCK Cadre LLC.

    McClatchy found that such a fine is relatively rare, with late fees only being assessed on 3.6 percent of over 12,000 reports filed by federal government employees.

    The fee can be waived for “extraordinary circumstances.” But a White House official confirmed that Kushner was going to pay the fine.

    Democratic groups seized on the late disclosures as a sign that the Trump administration has a disregard for standard practices at the White House.

    “President Trump acts like the rules for the rest of us don’t apply to him and now his entire administration is doing the same,” Harrell Kirstein, a spokesman for the Trump War Room at American Bridge 21st Century, told McClatchy.

    The fine is the latest hit to Kushner’s financial dealings. Kushner’s family business was reportedly subpoenaed in May by New York federal prosecutors over its use of an investment-for-immigration program.

    Although Kushner stepped down from the business in January, the Kushner family later apologized for mentioning the connection to the Trump administration in a pitch to Chinese investors that said: “Invest $500,000 and immigrate to the United States.”

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