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    How I Connect With ETs & How You Can Too

    There seems to be a lot of interest these days in “Alien” sightings, kidnappings, alien body remains, etc. Of course we are not talking about Canadians or people elsewhere on the earth. The term refers to extraterrestrial beings, which are, of course, beings from other places in space. While my experiences may not fit in to the typical expectations, they are quite valid to me. First of all, I’m the primary hypnotherapist at Aloha Healing Women, which now specializes in grief. I created a hypnotherapy session that expanded on two way communications with another person’s consciousness, to include conversations with ... Read More

    Another Director For Lockheed Skunkworks Mentions A Craft That Warp Both Time & Space

    Lockheed Martin is a military contractor that manufactures advanced aircraft and propulsion systems. They’re known for building some of the most advanced technologies known to man, and for years, all of the engineering, science, and technology, for the most part, has been locked up in Black Budget programs that have absolutely no oversight from Congress. This is according to a 1997 U.S Senate report. This means that nobody, not even those who have ‘high level’ positions within the military, political, and intelligence communities, knows exactly what’s going on. Many of these programs are completely unacknowledged, and the United States has ... Read More

    NASA’s high altitude ER-2 scans California’s wildfires

    The ER-2 has been scanning the blazes with a couple of interesting instruments that have flown, or will fly aboard the international space station (ISS). One of them is the AVIRIS spectrometer that can penetrate cloud, dust and smoke to see the ground below. While providing a clear image of the ground, it can also measure fine details in vegetation like water content and plant species growing. Eventually, a similar instrument will be launched into space. On the flight pictured above, however, it's carrying another instrument, the Cloud-Aerosol Multi-Angle Lidar (CAMAL). It was originally developed to a validate space-based version ... Read More

    Jim Carrey – “The Need For Acceptance Will Make You Invisible”

    ‘I am here to plant a seed..’ Jim begins during his 2014 MUM Graduation speech. And beautiful words they are as the truth is always that, we cannot be told or taught by anyone exactly what to do. We can only have seeds planted that we then must water, support and observe as we learn to stand on our own two feet. This is the philosophy behind our Explorer Lounge Program here at CE. We know there are no gurus, and that to get to where we are guided to be within ourselves must come from our own conclusions. Not one of ... Read More

    30 Year NSA Employee Shares Why They Are Watching You & It Has Nothing To Do With Terrorism

    William Binney is a former high ranking intelligence official with the National Security Agency (NSA). He is one of the highest placed intelligence officials to ever blow the whistle on insider NSA ‘knowings.’ He made headlines when he resigned in 2001 after 9/11, having worked more than thirty years for the agency. He was a leading code-breaker against the Soviet Union during the Cold war, and was repelled by the United States’ massive surveillance programs. He’s had quite the go, starting in 2002 when he let the public know of a system ( ‘trailblazer’) intended to analyze data carried on ... Read More

    Australian town driven batty by flying foxes

    [unable to retrieve full-text content] ... Read More

    Scientists Prove Link Between Aluminum and Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

    This article was written by Christina England, BA Hons, for and posted here with permission.   In today’s world, aluminum is omnipresent, building up within our system from everyday products.  Now, we are learning that aluminum toxicity can manifest itself in alarming ways. As many of us are aware, the human body is being bombarded with aluminum in everyday products. Many of our foods, vaccinations, medications, baby products, cosmetics, cleaning products and even soft furnishings contain aluminum and it appears that we are powerless to prevent the ever-increasing onslaught. This is extremely worrying because, according to Professor Exley, a scientist from Keele ... Read More

    Internet Has Raised $400,000 For Homeless Man Who Gave Woman His Last $20

    Just last month, a 27 year old woman named Kate McClure found herself driving down a New Jersey road close to midnight when her car ran out of gas. As her initial response was to get back on her way, but instead she decided to walk to the nearest gas station. But then, as she began to do so, a homeless man named Johnny warned her against it. As a precaution, he suggested that she stay in her car and lock the doors. He then went ahead and offered to fetch the gas for her. Because McClure didn’t have any cash on ... Read More

    Botanical exploits: How British plant hunters served science

    Image copyright Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh and RHS Image caption Plant specimens are pressed under large rocks at George Forrest's campsite in Lichiang Range In a corner of the Yorkshire Dales, far from the beaten track, you might stumble on the peaceful village of Clapham.Now known as a stop-off point for exploring the dales, it was once the home of a rock garden full of plants never seen before in the Western world.Legend has it that the Edwardian plant-hunter Reginald Farrer loaded a shotgun with seeds collected on an expedition to Ceylon and fired them into a rock cliff and ... Read More

    It’s Official – We Now Know That “UFOs” or “UAP” Are Real – So Are They Extraterrestrial or Not?

    It’s almost 2018, and the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) or Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon (UAP, a term that seems to be the new “official wording” from government personnel) is now a verified fact within the mainstream. Just as certain as we are of  several different concepts that come from repeatable hard science, or information about other phenomena in other subject areas dealing with observation, we (humanity) are just as certain about UFOs. When Ex Canadian Defence minister Paul Hellyer said that “UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead,” he wasn’t joking. Documents, along with live testimony from ... Read More

    Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius: Redefining Beliefs and Aspirations

    Mercury began its latest edition of its retrograde process on December 3, which will last until December 22/23. In the weeks and especially days leading up to it, we start to notice its effects, as Mercury slows down and comes to a stop before moving the other way. Mercury retrograde is famous for the problematic effects it often has on communication technology, transactions, motor vehicles, anything with moving parts, and commuting in general. We could experience some challenges, misunderstandings, and errors around our communications, numbers/details, and commerce, as well as changes, cancellations, or delays in our schedules. We may also ... Read More

    The ‘Godfather of Coral’ who’s still diving at 72

    Over the last 50 years, Charlie Veron has discovered more than 20% of the world’s coral species. He was also one of the early scientists to document coral bleaching. We follow him underwater on the Great Barrier Reef as he remembers the spectacular world he saw.Hear more Ocean Stories on BBC World Service.Video produced by Ellen Tsang. ... Read More

    Corey Feldman’s 1993 Audio Files Naming Sexual Predators Found By The Police

    For those of you who don’t know, Corey Feldman has started a campaign to uncover high level pedophilia in Hollywood. He and several others from within the industry have started to speak up about the fact that not only do rape and sexual harassment occur,  but they happen to children more often than we’d like to think. Take the Vatican, for example, which has paid close to 4 billion dollars in chid molestation lawsuit settlements. Recently, another massive pedophile ring was discovered, with ties to Pope Benedict’s brother.  The charges and accusations keep on coming. Recent news has shed light on some possible disturbing ... Read More

    Why I’m A Weekday Vegetarian (Video)

    When it comes to diet, and more specifically the ideal diet, there is an overwhelming amount of information to sort through, most of it conflicting. We have paleo, ketogenic, raw, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, and numerous other types of diets, and while each one claims to be the best, how can we ever really know? It seems each diet offers pros and cons, and so people often argue that you should eat what makes you feel good. But, in addition to health implications, do you ever consider environmental and ethical factors when choosing which diet is right for you? People will argue until they ... Read More

    Narwhal escape: Whales freeze and flee when frightened

    Image copyright M P Heide Jorgensen Image caption These unicorns of the sea may face more human disturbance as sea ice declines in The Arctic Scientists who fitted heart rate-monitoring tags to Arctic narwhals have discovered a strange paradox in how the animals respond to threats. When these tusked whales are frightened, their hearts slow, but at the same time they swim quickly to escape. Scientists say the response could be "highly costly" - because they exert themselves with a limited blood supply. The findings are published in the journal Science. Image copyright Carsten Egevang Image caption The researchers ... Read More

    US firm picks UK for weather satellites

    Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionWilliam Hosack: "We benefit from the miniaturisation that's come out of the cell phone industry"A miniaturised instrument to monitor the weather will be the first payload to fly on one of the UK's new publicly funded demonstration satellites. US-based Orbital Micro Systems will launch their microwave radiometer aboard the 30cm-long spacecraft next year to retrieve temperature, humidity and precipitation measurements. If successful, OMS plans a 40-strong constellation of similar satellites. OMS is moving into Britain because of the support offered to new space firms. Originating in Colorado, the company is opening a ... Read More

    Researchers find ‘oldest ever eye’ in fossil

    Image copyright Gennadi Baranov Image caption Side view of the fossil's right eye An "exceptional" 530-million-year-old fossil contains what could be the oldest eye ever discovered, according to scientists.The remains of the extinct sea creature include an early form of the eye seen in many of today's animals, including crabs, bees and dragonflies.Scientists made the find while looking at the well-preserved trilobite fossil.These ancestors of spiders and crabs lived in seas during the Palaeozoic era, between 541-251 million years ago.They found the ancient creature had a primitive form of compound eye, an optical organ that consists of arrays of tiny ... Read More

    University Prof Speaks On The Strange Mars Configurations That Could Be Made By Extraterrestrials

    Carl Sagan once said that “It is not out of the question that artifacts of these visits still exist, or even that some kind of base is maintained (possibly automatically) within the solar system to provide continuity for successive expeditions. Because of weathering and the possibility of detection and interference by the inhabitants of the Earth, it would be preferable not to erect such a base on the Earth’s surface. The Moon seems one reasonable alternative. Forthcoming high resolution photographic reconnaissance of the Moon from space vehicles – particularly of the back side – might bear these possibilities in mind.” (source) The ... Read More

    Bruce Lee Wisdom: How To Think Like Nobody Else

    In self help you often hear that if you are doing what everyone else is doing, you will likely end up doing what everyone else is doing, too  — and probably feeling like them as well. When I was just starting college this was my greatest fear. Not so much ‘ending up’ like everyone else per se, but rather the idea that I was on a path that would lead to doing something I just had to accept — finishing college, getting a job, and then doing the whole house and family thing. Let me be clear, there is nothing inherently wrong with ... Read More

    A closer look at ‘3.67m-year-old’ skeleton

    It took 20 years to excavate, clean and put together Little Foot, whose skeleton was found in caves north of Johannesburg.Its exact age is debated, but South African scientists say the remains are 3.67 million years old.This would mean Little Foot was alive about 500,000 years before Lucy, the famous skeleton of an ancient human relative found in Ethiopia.Andrew Harding reports ... Read More

    Little Foot skeleton unveiled in South Africa

    Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionAdam Harding takes a closer look at the "3.67m-year-old" skeletonOne of the oldest and most complete skeletons of humankind's ancestors has been unveiled in South Africa.A team spent more than 20 years excavating, cleaning and putting together the skeleton of Little Foot.Its exact age is debated, but South African scientists say the remains are 3.67 million years old.This would mean Little Foot was alive about 500,000 years before Lucy, the famous skeleton of an ancient human relative found in Ethiopia.Both Little Foot and Lucy belong to the same genus - Australopithecus - ... Read More

    UN signals ‘end’ of throwaway plastic

    Image copyright Getty Images The end of the era of throwaway plastic has been signalled by UN environment ministers meeting in Kenya.They signed off a document stating that the flow of plastic into the ocean must be stopped.Scientists welcomed the statement, but were unhappy the agreement was only based in principle, with no firm targets or timetables.Ministers say it's a milestone because it shows governments, industry and the public that a major change is needed.Vidar Helgesen, Norway's Environment Minister, has been leading the UN debate on plastic pollution. He told BBC News: "What we came here with was the need ... Read More