SF postpones vote on recreational cannabis law, sales won’t begin Jan. 1

San Francisco won’t be ready for recreational cannabis sales come Jan. 1 after the Board of Supervisors postponed a vote on regulations Tuesday, casting into uncertainty the future of the industry.

The board will next vote on the proposal Nov. 28. That means the earliest San Francisco could now be ready to allow cannabis outlets to begin selling the drug is Jan. 5, four days after when cannabis becomes legal statewide.

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The board said sticking points include land use rules for where new cannabis outlets can open. There are also concerns about ensuring there is a priority for equity applicants, such as those who were disproportionately impacted by the war of drugs, to get a foothold in the recreational cannabis industry.

There was a proposal suggested to let medical cannabis dispensaries to convert right away on Jan. 1 to sell recreational cannabis, but supporters of equity said it was unfair to let dispensaries get a leg up over equity applicants.

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