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Simple Geek’s Guide to Preserving Your Cellphone Battery

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    At this point, I don’t even know who’s in charge in this relationship, me or my phone. The sneaky bastard tricked me into loving it for all its useful gadgetry, yet didn’t tell me I’d end up spending all my time staring at it. And the worst part is, it always dies at the worst moments. That’s why I’m giving you tips on how to take care of your cell phone battery so that it lasts as long as possible and you can keep staring at my Instagram account.

    How to keep your phone lasting longer between charges:

    Shut down the search party

    One thing that kills your phone’s battery is that it’s always searching for something. No, not in a spiritual way (the singularity hasn’t happened yet), but it’s always trying to connect to wifi or Bluetooth. So if you’re not using wifi or Bluetooth, turn those functions off. It will give your battery a breather and help it last longer.

    Airplane Mode is your friend

    Same as above. If you’re on the subway, out in the forest, hiding in your panic room, or somewhere else where there’s not cell service just put your phone on airplane mode. You’ll still be able to use it as a camera and flashlight and play Final Fantasy, but your phone won’t waste battery by trying to connect to the cell towers.


    Turn off vibrate

    Let your cell phone sing! I personally hate having all the little noises go off when I’ve got a hilarious tweet that blows up, but it’s far better for your battery than letting it vibrate. Plus you can set what things you get alerts for so that your phone doesn’t keep making light saber noises every time the Instagram photo of Anthony Bourdain repping your sticker gets liked.

    Turn your lights down low

    Turn down the brightness of your phone. Chances are it’s way brighter than you actually need, and doing this will help save your battery and probably your vision as well.

    Close down apps

    If you’re not using an app, close it down. The more things your phone is juggling, the more battery power it’s gonna use.


    Prolonging the life of your battery

    Start off right: When you get a new phone charge it for 5-6 hours before you start using it. This is like puppy training your dog. You wanna get it heading in the right direction to give it a better and more manageable life. Even if your battery says that it’s fully charged still give it the initial 5-6 hour treatment.

    Don’t let your battery die: Or at least do your damnedest. Most phones now use Lithium-Ion batteries. Simply put, these guys just don’t like running out of juice. Like a toddler, it makes them cranky and unpredictable. You know how if you’ve had your phone for awhile it’ll say you’re down to 11% but as soon as you plug it in it jumps to like 35%? That’s probably because you’ve let the battery run down too many times.

    It’s ok to leave your phone charged in overnight: We’ve all been told spooky stories about how if you leave your shit plugged in too much it ruins the battery. That’s just not true. It’s better to keep that thing full than to let it run out completely.

    Charge when you can: Similarly to the point above, feed your phone as often as you can. It’s kinda like someone on a World of Warcraft binge. It’s better to sit there and snack to stay engaged than to get worn down by not eating and then have to stop playing while you have an actual dinner.

    Keep your batteries cool: Your batteries hate heat. Keep your phone out of the sun and don’t leave it in a hot car. In fact, it’s best not to keep it in your pocket because of the heat radiating from your body. Having your phone in a purse is much better and if you don’t carry a purse one of those phone holsters for your belt works well. The only problem with there is that you then have to be seen in public wearing a phone holster. We’re geeks dammit, not used car salesmen.

    There you go! Got any other tips? Leave them in the comments.

    Stuart Schuffman, aka Broke-Ass Stuart, is a travel writer, TV host and poet. Follow him at

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