StarVR Corporation Prepares to Go Public on Taiwanese Stock Exchange

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    StarVR Corporation, the Acer and Starbreeze joint venture behind the wide-FOV StarVR headset, announced that it has completed its application to go public on the Taiwan Exchange.

    Upon approval, the company’s board will apply for a listing on the Taipei Exchange Emerging Market board in mid-April, and expects to be traded between April and May.

    According to the company’s recent press release, the StarVR Corporation’s total share capital is 48,218,000 shares of common stock at the par value of NT$10 per share ($0.34), where a part will be made available on the emerging market.

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    “VR has great potential in the enterprise and location-based entertainment market, and we’ve built StarVR specifically for professional use in close collaboration with our clients and industry partners,” said Bo Andersson Klint, Chairman of StarVR Corporation. “With an industry-leading resolution, 210-degree field-of-view and outstanding tailored services to our customers, we provide premium VR experiences that are way beyond what’s available at home.”

    Acer, the Taipei-based tech giant, partnered with Starbreeze back in May 2016 to produce the StarVR headset with the focus of bringing it to out-of-home venues such as VR arcades and theme parks. Acer later took majority control of the venture, and the headset was summarily installed in SEGA game centers all across Japan displaying Starbreeze IP such as John Wick Chronicles (2017) and The Mummy Prodigium Strike.

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    StarVR is also featured in IMAX VR centers in Los Angeles and New York, and in the newly opened VR Park Dubai located in the Dubai Mall.

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