Statement about Skinwalker Ranch ownership from Adamantium Real Estate lawyer

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    The new owner(s) is/are very successful and intelligent.

    So, Robbie Williams bought it then. Clearly it’s an A list celeb of some kind cos no-one would give a rats arse if it was anyone else. Other than Robbie, who else is invested in the subject and has visited Skinwalker in the past? Kurt Russel?

    Either way, it’s pretty obvious it’s the first word in each sentence that counts and the others are added, rather unintelligently (“first and obvious” is pretty poor English, the saying is “first and foremost”), to confuse. So let’s read it again

    First and obvious, the new owner does not want to be identified. The new owner is very successful and intelligent. He (has) gone to great lengths and expense to keep their identity private.

    Yeah, my money is on Robbie. He has a private jet, a vested interested in UFOs and Skinwalker ranch, is successful and intelligent and is known for his use of privacy. good for you sir! Furthermore, Dan Akroyd doesn’t have a private jet, and I doubt any UFO celebrities do either (History channel doesn’t pay THAT well). Maybe that Bigelow guy or a politician but the way that “statement” is written does make it sound like a A-lister to me. So they actually gave away a # load of clues by attempting to say nothing at all.

    That dude may have actually breached his NDA because he included identifiable information (that the owner owns a private jet). Cos it’s not like private jets are a common thing. Well okay, not a hard breach, but a soft one certainly. Gives us the scope to narrow it down quite considerably. Then again that dude probably should have just said nothing at all, which is more appropriate when you’re under a freaking NDA lol.

    All that said though, Skinwalker Ranch is not like some magic one-off portal to UFOs. You can see and observe them the world over. Not sure why folks have such a hard-on for this place. If that place is going to be a private residence, owned by someone shrouded in mass secrecy, then it is of little use to UFOlogy now.

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