Stuff the Diet, These Slimming Tricks Come Straight From Your Wardrobe

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    A few years ago, a feature on ‘how to look slimmer’ might have included depressing tips on why you shouldn’t have dressing on your salad (erm, that’s the best part) and doing some awful 24-hour lemon water diet. Hallelujah for 2018 then and the fact that aspiring to be a size zero is much less of ‘a thing’. The body positivity movement has meant we’re much better at embracing our different body shapes and sizes, and that doesn’t involve obsessively counting calories.

    We all still want to look our best and for any given silhouette there will always be pieces that flatter more than others. So, rather than a fad diet, we’d suggest exploring the fact that your wardrobe holds all the solutions you need to look your best. The A-list know this already and often use dressing tricks to accentuate the parts of their bodies that they love. Ready to learn from the pros? Keep scrolling for five tricks on how to look slimmer…

    Style Notes: One brilliant trick is to draw eyes away from the parts of your body you’re not so fussed about, and to the bits that you love. Whether its your legs, your clavicles, or décolletage, accentuate your best features. From off-the-shoulder tops to skirts with slits, there are plenty of pieces that will help you do that.
    A classic white shirt can be turned into something rather sassy. 
    Style Notes: If there’s anyone who knows how to use their wardrobe to suit their body shape, it’s Kim K. She’s got the knack for knowing which pieces make her waist look tiny but also what shoes make her legs appear longer. Spoiler: It’s barely-there nude sandals. At under 5′ 2”, you need to know how to make the most of your height. 
    This pair of shoes from Stuart Weitzman are a staple for every wardrobe.
    Style Notes: Blake Lively often makes interesting and bold fashion choices but she never forgoes one major trick: Her outfits always fit her perfectly. Whle this bright ensemble could drown out her curves but thanks to a strategically-placed belt, it gives her definition.
    Invest in a belt to cinch anything that’s oversized.
    Style Notes: Since Beyoncé’s given birth to her twins Sir and Rumi, she’s been spotted out in some incredible outfits. This look makes the most of her figure and draws the eye up and down the body thanks to the block colour. 
    Wrap dresses are super flattering. 
    Style Notes: We hear you, crop tops can seem a little juvenile but there’s a sophisticated way to wear them: Just pair with high-waisted trousers. Ashley Graham knows that a brightly-coloured top paired with dark trousers on the bottom is the most flattering way to do it. 
    Get in another trend with this pair of top-stitch high-waisted trousers.
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    Right, pass us the chocolate. 

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