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French President Emmanuel Macron presented himself as the globalist “anti-Trump” in his speech at the United Nations on Tuesday, speaking in direct opposition to the U.S. president’s pro-sovereignty theme. Point by point, the French president advanced positions contrary to those of Mr. Trump, countering Trump’s “America first” nationalism with the […]

France’s Macron Positions Himself as Globalist ‘Anti-Trump’ at UN Meeting

A sober, fact-based analysis from researchers has debunked hysterical reactions to recent devastating hurricanes that sought to attribute these phenomena to man-made global warming. “Man-made warming did not cause Harvey and Irma,” writes economist and environmental expert Nicolas Loris. “As carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions have increased, there […]

Climate Realists Strike Back: No Blaming Harvey and Irma on ...

New media reports blame climate change for the “unprecedented disaster” unfolding in Houston, alleging that climate change-related factors undoubtedly “worsened the flooding.” Never missing an opportunity to preach of the evils of climate change, the UK-based Guardian newspaper claims that the Houston storm surge “was half a foot higher than […]

Eco-Alarmists Tie Hurricane Harvey Damage to ‘Climate Change’

While the establishment media rails against Brexit and Donald Trump for respectively — or even collectively — “dividing” their countries, the Guardian has decided to promote an idea, popularized by Labour MP Laura Pidcock, that conservatives and liberals cannot mix. In an article reminiscent of Shariah supremacist schooling — written by […]

Guardian: Minorities Can only Vote Conservative In Reaction to ‘Unreliable ...