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Leaked U.S. government surveillance images exclusively obtained by Breitbart Texas show armed Mexican cartel smugglers crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and entering into Arizona. Border Patrol officially confirmed the images’ authenticity in an exclusive interview. Breitbart Texas agreed to redact portions of the images so that the exact locations of the […]

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Images Show Armed Mexican Cartel Smugglers Crossing into ...

J. Moore/Getty by John Binder24 Aug 2017Washington, D.C.0 24 Aug, 201724 Aug, 2017 In an op-ed for USA Today, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Acting Secretary Elaine Duke said that despite pushback from the political establishment, the state of Arizona proves “border walls work.” Duke became Acting Secretary of DHS […]

DHS: Arizona Proves ‘Border Walls Work’