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XING: The Land Beyond (2017), a puzzle-adventure from White Lotus Interactive, is set to ship today—a good 4 years after they initially launched their Kickstarter and successfully stretch-goaled their way to include Oculus Rift support. Of course, back then the team was targeting the Oculus Rift DK1, and with only $30K at their disposal, […]

2013-era Crowdfunded VR Puzzle-Adventure ‘XING: The Land Beyond’ Finally Launches ...

The Gallery: Call of the Starseed (2016) is a first-person adventure from Cloudhead Games that’s unashamedly a ‘first’ in many categories. As a Vive launch title, it was one of the most cutting-edge adventure games of its time, and although it’s showing its age at this late review date, it remains an intriguing, […]

Review: ‘The Gallery: Call of the Starseed’

Iconic multiplayer board game The Settlers of Catan is making the leap to VR. Coming this holiday season to Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, the game is aptly named Catan VR. Developed by Experiment 7, Asmodee Digital and Catan Studio, Catan VR is an immersive take on Klaus Teuber’s tactical board game. Created […]

‘The Settlers of Catan’ is Coming Soon to Rift and ...

With few details, developer Enhance Games has announced that Rez Infinite (2016) will launch on Google Daydream “later this year.” Enhance games had a surprise launch of Rez Infinite on PC this week, bringing the remake of the famed 2001 Rez to the platform following the game’s initial 2016 launch on PS4. The […]

‘Rez Infinite’ is Coming to Google Daydream Later This Year

Batman: Arkham VR (2016) is both the first VR Batman game, and the first VR title from developer Rocksteady Studios’—you wouldn’t know it though, given the game’s excellent visuals and well crafted VR design. If you haven’t had a chance to become the Batman just yet, you can pick up the […]

Save 55% on ‘Batman: Arkham VR’ Through August 22nd

Oasis Games have announced a September release for whimsical VR puzzle-platformer Light Tracer, in a recent post on the PlayStation Blog. The game involves guiding the Princess up a giant tower from the perspective of a ‘godlike entity’, solving puzzles and defeating bosses using an interesting motion control system. As […]

VR Puzzler ‘Light Tracer’ Coming to PSVR Next Month

ARKTIKA.1 is an anticipated Oculus Rift exclusive coming from renowned developer 4A Games, the studio behind the Metro series. In a new video, the developers explore some of Arktika.1’s diverse arsenal, including a particularly cool gun that can shoot around corners. Arktika.1 is shaping up to be a rather beautiful looking […]

‘ARKTIKA.1’ Devs Detail Game’s Deadly Weaponry

Oculus’ massive price drop that saw the cost of Rift + Touch slashed to only $400, is still going on for the next 4-5 weeks—but if you purchase through BestBuy.com, you can get EVE: Valkyrie, normally costing $40, for free. Note (07/21/17): Best Buy is currently out of online stock. Individual stores however post in-store availability […]

Get ‘EVE: Valkyrie’ Free When You Purchase Rift + Touch ...

HTC continues to expand the app selection on its Viveport subscription service, adding 8 new games for July, detailed on the official Vive blog. The $7/month service allows unlimited access to any 5 titles each month from a selection of over 150 games and apps. Having recently doubled the Viveport […]

Viveport Subscription Adds 8 New Games for July

Oculus Medium lets you sculpt virtual models in VR, but until now you’ve had to do it all alone. A new update to the program brings multiplayer functionality, allowing you and a friend to create and collaborate together. Version 1.2 of Medium, now available, adds the Studio Share feature which lets […]

‘Medium’ Update Lets You Sculpt in VR With Friends

Uber Entertainment’s ‘second generation’ made-for-VR game Dino Frontier launches on August 1st for PSVR. Detailed in a new post on the PlayStation Blog, the game will be available digitally for $29.99, with a 20% pre-order discount for PlayStation Plus members. Announced at last year’s PlayStation Experience event, this promising title, […]

‘Dino Frontier’ Launch Date and Gameplay Trailer Revealed

First demonstrated to theme park executives at the Asian Attractions Expo in Singapore last month, Holovis’ R3ex (Rideable Realtime Robot Experiences) project combines virtual reality with four/six-axis robot arm amusement rides. The technology claims to offer the rider genuine interactivity and ‘complete agency’ over the experience, including real-time control of […]

Holovis Uses Giant Robot Arms for Intense VR Motion Simulated ...

Marc ten Bosch’s side project 4D Toys is a unique physics-based toy box using the game engine he created for Miegakure, a groundbreaking 4D puzzle-platformer. Launched on June 2nd for SteamVR and iOS, the app simulates an environment with a fourth spatial dimension, where players can freely manipulate four-dimensional objects […]

Hands On: ‘4D Toys’ is a Mind-Bending, Unique VR Puzzler