SurveyMonkey confidentially files for IPO

(Reuters) - U.S. online survey company SurveyMonkey on Monday said it had confidentially registered for an initial public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission, through its parent SVMK Inc. The number of shares to be offered and the price range for the proposed offering have not yet been determined, ... Read More

Celebs Melt Down over Border Enforcement: ‘Nazis,’ ‘F**king Kidnappers,’ ‘Torturing of Children’

Hollywood elites took to social media on Monday and fired one unhinged tweet after another, accusing President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions of instituting U.S.-Mexico border enforcement tantamount to Nazi-like tactics of “torture” and “kidnapping.” Film director and super-producer Judd Apatow accused News Corp. owners the Murdochs of ... Read More

Facebook cuts out gun-accessory ads for children

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Sellers of gun accessories can currently advertise to any Facebook user Children will stop seeing adverts for gun accessories on Facebook as it updates its policy from 21 June.Currently, ads for scopes, holsters, gun-mounted lights, slings, sights, belt extras, safes and many other items ... Read More

YouTube Music and Premium come to Canada and the UK

There are no substantial changes to the product that launched in the US earlier this year, with YouTube Music putting an emphasis on finding you tunes to love. The app, which we reviewed extensively here, is designed to learn your music taste and curate playlists and tracks that will suit ... Read More

After two years, ‘Pokémon Go’ is finally letting you trade monsters

The feature will be added this week, but it will be deeply tied to a new Friendship system which, like real friendships, is broken up into a tier system: Good, Great, Ultra and Best. You'll need to share your Trainer Code to add someone as a friend, after which you ... Read More

YouTube’s paid music and video services come to UK

Image copyright YouTube Image caption YouTube announced the expansion of its subscription services at a London press conference YouTube is expanding its subscription-based music and video services to the UK and a further 11 countries.The "premium" facilities strip ads from the platform's content and allow it to be downloaded rather ... Read More

E3: What you might have missed

Image copyright Squanch Games Image caption Justin Roiland has been a gamer his entire life, and unveiled Trover Saves the Universe at E3 From Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch to a new Halo, there have been some huge announcements at E3 2018.But amid all the noise some smaller - but ... Read More

3D world-building tool SculptVR makes its way to PSVR

See, when you draw in 2D, you need to have an understanding of perspective, light and shadows. But when you draw in 3D using the application, you can simply recreate what you see in real life: SculptVR can take care of the perspective and shading for you. And if you ... Read More

E3: Fortnite fans flock to first live stadium tournament

Thousands of fans of the runaway success Fortnite have enjoyed the game's first ever live event, held at a football stadium in Los Angeles.The Pro-Am competition saw top Fortnite players pair up with celebrities to compete for a top prize of $1m (£750,000).The BBC's North America technology reporter Dave Lee ... Read More

Kathy Griffin Attacks Melania Trump: ‘Feckless Complicit Piece of Sh*t’

Left-wing comedian Kathy Griffin attacked First Lady Melania Trump on Sunday evening in a profanity-laced Twitter screed about immigration, calling the First Lady a “feckless complicit piece of shit.” Mrs. Trump’s spokesperson Stephanie Grisham released a statement in which the Slovenian-born former model asked Congress to work together to end ... Read More

Father’s Day: Leftists Outraged by Donald Trump Jr. Loving on His Children

Donald Trump Jr. provoked the outrage of left-wing pundits, activists, journalists, and other Blue Check Marks by sharing a picture on Father’s Day of him playing with his children in a pool. Gonna be a great Father’s Day with these little monsters. Hope all of you dads out here get ... Read More

The best drip coffee maker

Why you should trust us Liz Clayton, who wrote the 2018 update to this guide, is a seasoned coffee writer with more than a decade of experience brewing and tasting coffee alongside all levels of professionals. She's also the associate editor at coffee news website Sprudge and has written multiple ... Read More

Spider-Man: Can PlayStation game avoid superhero fatigue?

Spider-Man is set to be one of this year's biggest releases for the PlayStation 4.But while Marvel decided to return to a younger Peter Parker in its recent movies, the makers of the video game have decided they wanted a more mature version of the web-slinger.The BBC's Chris Foxx asked ... Read More

E3: Hands-on with Jurassic World Evolution video game

Build a hi-tech dino-zoo, make millions of dollars - it sounds like an infallible plan.But gamers are set to have their multitasking skills tested to the limit in a new theme park simulator that ties into the Jurassic World movie franchise.Chris Foxx met one its developers at the E3 video ... Read More

Leica C-Lux brings style to long-zoom compact cameras

The similarity promises some solid performance, too, with 49-point fast autofocus, continuous shooting at 10 frames per second and 4K videos at up to 100Mbps (albeit with a 15-minute time limit). You can also rely on a 2.33-megapixel electronic viewfinder as well as Bluetooth and WiFi to transfer your photos ... Read More

Brought to You by Verizon: Woke HuffPost Editor Cracks Jokes About Jews, Lesbians

Recently discovered tweets from the front page editor of the Verizon-owned news outlet the Huffington Post feature antisemitic, homophobic and anti-police sentiments. Philip Lewis, the current front page editor for the Verizon-owned news outlet the Huffington Post, has a history of antisemitism, homophobia and anti-police bias according to posts on ... Read More

Tetris gets psychedelic virtual reality revamp at E3

The classic video game Tetris has been a hit for more than three decades, but it is now headed in a new direction. Veteran games developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi has reimagined the game in virtual reality. He spoke to our North America technology reporter Dave Lee.Follow the BBC team at E3 ... Read More

Video game influencers scout hot new titles at Los Angeles conference

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Video game influencers scoured the industry’s massive trade show this week to find the hottest new titles, looking for material to fuel their careers playing video games for online audiences. The annual E3 conference in downtown Los Angeles showcased the latest installments of “Call of Duty” ... Read More

Trump and Kim USB fan raises cyber-security alert

Image caption The gift pack included a USB fan and a handheld fan illustrated with the face of the North Korean leader Cyber-security experts have expressed surprise that journalists at the summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un in Singapore were given USB-powered fans.Some warned ... Read More

A tech entrepreneur prepares for prison

Calling Lundgren an optimist would be an understatement. Yet the 33-year-old millionaire founder of several technology-recycling and -repair companies has spoken this way ever since April, when the slim prospect of 15 months in prison became an immovable reality. The specifics of the case have been litigated thoroughly, both in ... Read More

RIP, ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’

With the launch of FIFA 19 on September 28th, the Champions League will have a new home. This past April, UEFA revealed that after a "fruitful" 10-year partnership with Konami, the two were parting ways. At the time it wasn't 100 percent certain that the European football governing body would ... Read More

China’s ride-hailing giant Didi to launch in Australia

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache merged in 2015 to form Didi Kuaidi, later renamed Didi Chuxing China's ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing is set to launch in Melbourne, Australia, from 25 June as it continues its international expansion. The firm, which recently launched in Mexico, ... Read More

Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Indicted on Wire Fraud Charges

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, the start-up’s former president, have been indicted on two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and nine counts of wire fraud, the Justice Department announced Friday. DOJ announces wire fraud charges against Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani — ... Read More

‘Nerdist’ Founder, ‘Talking Dead’ Host Chris Hardwick Scrubbed from Own Website After Abuse Allegations

Legendary Entertainment subsidiary Nerdist Industries has disavowed founder Chris Hardwick following allegations of abuse by ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra. In an unlisted Medium blog post, Dykstra details a history of alleged mental, emotional, and sexual abuse at the hands of the most famous nerd in Hollywood. Entitled “Rose-Colored Glasses: A Confession,” ... Read More

How Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is ‘creating equal opportunities’

Image copyright Ubisoft/ Youtube Assassin's Creed Odyssey will offer players more choice than ever, according to its makers.It allows players to choose between being a female or male assassin, and to control characters' conversations."We wanted players to make the experience their own," says narrative director Mel MacCoubrey.The latest game in ... Read More

Protests greet Brussels copyright reform plan

Image copyright Peter Macdiarmid Image caption Web pioneer Sir Tim Berners-Lee has warned about the possible consequences of copyright reform Opponents of proposed European copyright reforms are stepping up efforts to convince politicians to vote against the measures.The vote on the Copyright Directive comes before the European Parliament on 20 ... Read More

Kaspersky Lab halts European cybercrime work

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Eugene Kaspersky founded Kaspersky Lab in 1997 Computer security firm Kaspersky Lab has halted all cyber-crime collaboration with European agencies and organisations.The decision is in protest against a European Parliament motion which called its software "malicious".Kaspersky Lab said the accusation was "untrue" and demonstrated a ... Read More

Turns out, ‘Hitman 2’ is just as challenging as the first

A sufficiently motivated Kato (Image: Giphy) Hitman 2 is, as its name implies, the sequel to 2016's reboot of the franchise. During my demo, I was dropped at the front gates of an F1 race being held in sunny South Florida. I was afforded a pair of options by my ... Read More

The best webcams

Who this is for Most recent laptops and all-in-one desktops have a decent—sometimes even great—built-in camera, so many people don't need a stand-alone webcam. But if your laptop's integrated webcam is really bad (or broken, or in a dumb place), or if your desktop or display doesn't have a camera, ... Read More

Google diversity figures show little change

Image copyright Getty Images A new report from Google has revealed that little has changed despite a commitment to increasing diversity among staff employed by the tech giant.Overall nearly 70% of Google staff were men, as has been the case since 2014.In the US almost 90% were white or Asian, ... Read More

Call of Duty takes aim at Fortnite Battle Royale at E3

The next Call of Duty game - Black Ops 4 - is to include a Battle Royale mode.The last-to-survive challenge has already made Fornite and Player Unknown's Battlegrounds into massive hits.But as BBC Click's Kate Russell reports, it's not the only title preparing to invade rivals' turf.Follow the BBC team ... Read More

AI gives silenced radio journalist his voice back

Image copyright Jamie Dupree Image caption Radio journalist Jamie Dupree will be able to broadcast again thanks to artificial intelligence A US radio journalist who lost his voice two years ago will soon return to the air, thanks to artificial intelligence.Jamie Dupree, 54, a political radio journalist with Cox Media ... Read More

Yahoo fined £250,000 over cyber-attack

Image copyright AFP Yahoo's UK arm has been fined £250,000 ($335,000) by the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) over a data breach affecting more than 500 million users which took place in 2014.The incident was reported two years later.The firm said "state-sponsored" hackers had stolen personal information, which included names, ... Read More

China’s telco giant ZTE sees shares collapse 39%

Image copyright Reuters Shares in Chinese technology company ZTE plummeted 39% in Hong Kong as trading in the firm resumed after a two-month suspension. In April, the US Commerce Department found ZTE had violated trade bans with North Korea and Iran.A ban was placed on the firm that prevented it ... Read More

Sony faces growing Fortnite backlash at E3

Image copyright Epic Games Image caption Fortnite's maker says the game has attracted 125 million players since it launched last year Sony chiefs are under pressure to respond to complaints about "cross-play" restrictions imposed on Fortnite.Gamers have discovered that if they had first played the title on a PlayStation console, ... Read More

Antarctica is losing ice at an increasingly rapid rate

The global research team analyzed 24 satellite-based estimates of Antarctic ice sheet mass to calculate these rates. "We took all the estimates across all the different techniques, and we got this consensus," Isabella Velicogna, a professor at the University of California, Irvine and an author of the study, told the ... Read More

In ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ you control your own dark, intoxicating future

The light happens to be neon, shining bright blue, green, pink, red, purple and yellow across the sprawling, metallic future of Night City. Cyberpunk offers a fresh kind of sci-fi dystopia, ditching the heavy, dreary backgrounds of Blade Runner or Deus Ex for a brighter, yet still corrupt and dangerous, ... Read More

‘Fewer people’ are using Facebook for news

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Fake news, toxic debates and privacy issues are turning people off social news, a study says Fewer people are using Facebook to discover and discuss news, as messaging apps such as WhatsApp gain in popularity, a study has suggested.The seventh annual Digital News Report ... Read More

Comcast offers $65 billion to lure Fox from Disney bid

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