PragerU: Tech Giants Turning into ‘Authoritarian Tyrants’

BULENT KILIC/AFP/Getty Images by Lucas Nolan26 Apr 2018 26 Apr, 201826 Apr, 2018 PragerU has released a statement on its plans to further battle Google’s censorship of its content. In a statement published on its website, PragerU announced that it has filed an appeal of its lawsuit against Google over alleged ... Read More

Canada data firm AIQ may face legal action in UK

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Facebook claims AIQ spent $2m (£1.43m) during the Brexit referendum The UK's Information Commissioner is considering legal action against Canadian data firm AggregateIQ (AIQ).It follows testimony from co-founder Jeff Silvester to Canadian MPs in which he claimed to be co-operating with the watchdog's inquiry ... Read More

HD vinyl is a promise, not a product

HD vinyl skips a few of those steps, supposedly shaving a few weeks off manufacturing time. Music is fed into CAD software where it's converted into a 3D map of bumps and grooves. That data is etched into a ceramic pressing plate using a laser. Since HD vinyl eliminates the ... Read More

Dropbox’s Paper documents app now supports custom layouts

If you have a Paper document you've been using that you want to turn into a template, Dropbox says it can do that with just a few clicks -- that spares users the pain of having to go through and strip out all the content before saving it. Naturally, you ... Read More

Fresno State Will Not Punish Bush-Bashing Professor Randa Jarrar

Fresno State announced on Tuesday that they will not discipline Professor Randa Jarrar, who came under fire last week for a series of tweets that celebrated the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush. A professor at Fresno State named Randa Jarrar came under fire last week for a series ... Read More

Kanye West: ‘The Mob Can’t Make Me Not Love’ Trump

Grammy-winning rap superstar Kanye West said Wednesday that not even a liberal mob or the media will change his opinion on Donald Trump, describing the president as his “brother” with whom he shares “dragon energy.” “You don’t have to agree with trump but the mob can’t make me not love ... Read More

Donald Trump Responds to ‘Love’ from Kanye West: ‘Thank You Kanye, Very Cool!’

by Charlie Spiering25 Apr 2018 25 Apr, 201825 Apr, 2018 President Donald Trump responded to artist Kanye West, after the rap superstar expressed love and support for the president. “You don’t have to agree with Trump but the mob can’t make me not love him,” West wrote. “We are both ... Read More

Snapchat releases new Spectacles 2.0

Almost a year-and-a-half after the first version's launch, Snapchat has unveiled Spectacles 2.0.The camera-enabled eyewear have new features, new colours, and a new price.The BBC's North American technology reporter Dave Lee visited the tech firm's Los Angeles headquarters for a look ... Read More

Facebook threw us under bus, says data firm Cubeyou

Image copyright Getty Images A company suspended from Facebook in the fallout of the Cambridge Analytica scandal says it feels betrayed by the social media giant.Cubeyou collected information about users of the social media site through personality quiz apps that was allegedly sold for marketing purposes.Chief executive Federico Treu told ... Read More

Adidas’ NYC-inspired shoe was designed using data from runners

For the Adidas Made For New York City, the company worked with runners around the Big Apple to figure out what would make the perfect shoe for them. Stability and more reinforcement in the forefoot was a big deal for people running in NYC, Adidas said, so it needed to ... Read More

Kanye West: ‘Obama was in Office Eight Years and Nothing in Chicago Changed’

Rap superstar Kanye West continued his Twitter-based enlightenment campaign on Wednesday, bashing former President Obama for failing to bring positive changes to the pair’s native city of Chicago during his eight years in office. “Obama was in office for eight years and nothing in Chicago changed,” West declared on Twitter ... Read More

Kanye West Posts Picture Wearing MAGA Hat

Twitter/kanyewest by Charlie Nash25 Apr 2018 25 Apr, 201825 Apr, 2018 Part rap superstar, part fashion icon, part professional provocateur, Kanye West turned heads on social media on Wednesday when he posted a picture of himself wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. we got love — KANYE WEST ... Read More

Donald Trump Jr. Applauds Chance The Rapper: ‘Takes Guts’ to Say ‘Black People Don’t Have to Be Democrats’

AP by John Binder25 Apr 2018New York City, NY 25 Apr, 201825 Apr, 2018 President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., took to Twitter on Wednesday to applaud Chance The Rapper, after the Chicago crooner said”Black people don’t have to be Democrats.” After rap icon Kanye West announced his support and ... Read More

Chance the Rapper: ‘Black People Don’t Have to be Democrats’

Marcelo Hernandez/Getty Images by Ben Kew25 Apr 2018 25 Apr, 201825 Apr, 2018 Chicago-based crooner Chance the Rapper seemed to show his support for fellow Chi-Town artist Kanye West’s beliefs about free thinking by pointing out that black people should not feel obliged to support the Democratic Party. “Black people ... Read More

Google’s Gmail gets self-destruct option ahead of GDPR

Image copyright Getty Images/Google Image caption The ability to put timers on emails could help reduce the risk of data breaches Google's email service is adding the option to allow messages to become inaccessible after a set time as it prepares for tougher data privacy laws.A new "confidential mode" can ... Read More

Nolte: NBC Muddies the Waters as Joy Reid’s ‘Hacked’ Story Collapses

Although the far-left CNN buried its big news under 15 paragraphs of excuse-making for the latest anti-gay scribblings that surfaced on MSNBC anchor Joy Reid’s old blog, what more does anyone need to know than the following: “The Library of Congress …  contains the disputed posts and lists them as ... Read More

YouTube Kids to give parents more control over output

Image copyright Getty Images Google says it will add new parental controls to its YouTube Kids app, after inappropriate videos were repeatedly discovered on the service.One of the new options prevents channels that have not been vetted by human moderators appearing on the app.Parents will be able to choose between ... Read More

Lexus’ 2019 ES will be its first model with CarPlay support

The ES is a tech-laden car even if you don't care for voice assistants. The standard model includes an 8-inch center display, but you can spring for a navigation package that gives you an ultra-wide 12.3-inch screen and a mobile Verizon hotspot. Every variant comes with an updated pre-collision detection ... Read More

Researchers create device that opens hotel doors with old key cards

The inspiration for the device came in 2003 when a laptop belonging to a colleague of the researchers, who was attending a hacker conference in Berlin, was stolen from his hotel room. Because there was no sign of forced entry and no unauthorized access recorded in the entry logs, nothing ... Read More

Exclusive – Ted Cruz: Use Antitrust Laws to Break ‘Massive Power’ of Tech Lords to ‘Subvert Our Democratic Process’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) recommended usingantitrust laws to curb the “massive power” of Facebook and other technology companies during a Tuesday interview with SiriusXM hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak on Breitbart News Tonight. Pollak asked Cruz about possible solutions to “censorship of conservatives” on Facebook and across the broader ... Read More

EXCLUSIVE — Research: Google Search Manipulation Can Swing Nearly 80 Percent of Undecided Voters

Leon Neal/Getty Images by Allum Bokhari24 Apr 2018 24 Apr, 201824 Apr, 2018 By inserting negative search suggestions under the name of a candidate, search engines like Google can shift the opinions of undecided voters by up to 43.4 percent, according to new research by a team at the American ... Read More

Hotel door locks worldwide were vulnerable to hack

Image copyright F-Secure Image caption The hack could be used to access restricted floors as well as locked rooms Millions of electronic door locks fitted to hotel rooms worldwide have been found to be vulnerable to a hack.Researchers say flaws they found in the equipment's software meant they could create ... Read More

BMW’s Concept iX3 dials back the futuristic styling

I'm led to a room where a small SUV is covered by a sheet. There's none of the pomp and circumstance that comes with an auto show reveal (that'll happen in Beijing a few weeks later). Instead, the cloth is removed to show off the pure electric Concept iX3, a ... Read More

Xbox One update can automatically put your TV in game mode

This is also the patch that adds controller sharing via Mixer. Now streamers can let viewers take over their game remotely, using either a virtual control in the web browser or by plugging a controller into their PC and hopping on the sticks. Another much-needed fix is that pictures and ... Read More

Chinese tech giants’ sexist job ads exposed

Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption Discrimination in recruitment has contributed to a decrease in the proportion of Chinese women working, Human Rights Watch says Leading Chinese tech firms have pledged to address gender discrimination in job ads after a damning report by campaign group Human Rights Watch (HRW).Sexist recruitment practices ... Read More

Ransomware infects Ukraine energy ministry website

Image copyright AlienVault Image caption Hackers have used a ransomware cyber-attack to compromise a Ukranian government website Hackers have used ransomware to take the website of Ukraine's energy ministry offline and encrypt its files.The website currently contains a message written in English, demanding a ransom of 0.1 bitcoin - worth ... Read More

MIT researchers turn water into ‘calm’ computer interfaces

"Water is a natural material that exhibits interesting phenomenon like bending light ... It has the ability to merge, it happens naturally," Udayan Umapathi said. A designer, engineer and experimental physicist, Umapathi is a researcher at MIT Media Lab, where he leads development on programmable droplets. "When we looked at ... Read More

Hubble flies through the Milky Way’s ‘raucous star nursery’

The video starts wide, then zooms in to the center of the Lagoon Nebula, located around 4,000 light years from Earth. Herschel 36 is the most prominent star, emitting powerful radiation and stellar winds that push dust away in "curtain-like sheets," NASA said. You can see dark, elephant trunk-shaped material ... Read More

Canada developing quantum radar to detect stealth aircraft

Image copyright University of Waterloo Image caption Canada is investing $2.7m to develop technology to detect stealth aircraft Canada has invested $2.7m (£1.93m) into developing quantum radar - a new technology that would greatly improve the detection of stealth aircraft.The technology is being developed by the University of Waterloo to ... Read More

U.S. regulator fines Altaba $35 million over 2014 Yahoo email hack

WASHINGTON/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - U.S. regulators fined Altaba Inc, the company formerly known as Yahoo! Inc, $35 million on Tuesday to settle charges that kept its massive 2014 cyber security breach a secret from investors for more than two years. The Securities and Exchange Commission’s case marks the first time ... Read More

Five Things You Didn’t Know Silicon Valley Was Tracking

The following post is sponsored by Free Our Internet. In recent weeks, Free Our Internet has been receiving a steady stream of comments from concerned supporters saying they should #DeleteFacebook. While this may seem like a quick fix to the rampant misuse of user data by Silicon Valley giants like ... Read More

Report: Facebook Spent More on Swamp Lobbyists in 1Q than Ever Before

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images by Tony Lee24 Apr 2018 24 Apr, 201824 Apr, 2018 Facebook reportedly spent more on lobbyists in the first quarter of 2018 than it has ever before as the company faces increased scrutiny over data breaches and censorship. According to a Recode report, Facebook spent more than ... Read More

BBC iPlayer streams sport in 4K HDR for first time

Image copyright Timeline Television Ltd Image caption The BBC's trial was the first 4K HDR live broadcast of its kind The BBC has broadcast a live event in 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) colour for the first time.Its iPlayer service streamed a full rugby match on Sunday, which ... Read More

Police ‘visit funeral home to unlock dead man’s phone’

Image copyright Getty Images Police in Florida have been criticised for allegedly entering a funeral home in a futile bid to unlock a dead man's smartphone.Linus Phillip, 30, was killed while trying to escape from police at a petrol station in Largo on 23 March.After his body was released to ... Read More

Indiana University Professor Pens Journal Piece on Analingus Practices of Celebrities

A professor at Indiana University dedicated an entire academic journal article to examining Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s marital analingus. Why exactly does it matter what celebrities do behind closed doors? Well, according to Indiana University professor Dinah Holtzman, it can highlight important trends in cultural feminism. In an academic journal article ... Read More

‘Nazi pug’ video-maker has no regrets

YouTube video-maker Mark Meechan, who trained his girlfriend's dog to give a "Nazi salute" which he said was part of a prank, has been fined £800 after being found guilty of committing a hate crime. Mr Meechan spoke to the BBC's Chris Foxx before his sentencing and said he did ... Read More

Deezer now creates weekly playlists based on your listening habits

Flow will have daily recommendations in addition to genre stations, and as you'd expect, you can favorite any song and add it to a new or existing playlist. As The Verge points out, there are also Flow playlists full of brand new music, and those will refresh weekly. This is ... Read More

Why is a celebrity personal finance guru suing Facebook?

Lewis is the founder of MoneySavingExpert, a hugely influential UK site that advises people on the cheapest financial and commercial products. If you've ever read The Points Guy, then you've got a fair idea of what Lewis does, but with a focus on consumer credit and household bills. He regularly ... Read More

The best projector for a home theater

Who should buy this A dedicated home theater projector is meant for a room that offers complete light control. One of the major improvements in these projectors over entry-level models is the ability to produce much darker blacks, giving you better contrast ratios, but you'll need to eliminate ambient light ... Read More

Why India’s Paytm isn’t afraid of WhatsApp

India's youngest billionaire Vijay Shekhar Sharma, who is behind the country's largest digital payments platform, is just 39. He says India's firms are now ready to take on their competitors in the West. Filmed by Jone Chang; Produced and edited by Christine Hah ... Read More