The Best Dietitian We All Have Free Access To (But Love to Ignore)


We live in a world where, when it comes to our diets, we are bombarded with a seemingly endless array of options, opinions, and recommendations. For every healthcare professional that believes you need to stick to a balance of the five basic food groups, there is one proclaiming the need for us to cut at least one, if not several of them, out of our diet completely.

While some may disagree with this, I personally believe that most (if not every) diet we are suggested to adopt is promoted to us with good intentions. I don’t believe that your family doctor or that YouTube vlogger who recently lost 115 pounds is secretly out to get you sick when he or she suggests a dietary change to you. They are simply sharing what their research and wealth of experience has led them to feel is worth considering.

Let me set something straight: I am not a doctor, a dietitian, or any form of healthcare professional. I am an ordinary human being just like you, who has likely tried just as many dietary changes as you have. But I would like to share with you what I believe to be the best dietitian that we all have FREE access to and need to stop ignoring:

The Dietitian Within

That’s right: The best dietitian that I believe we all need to start paying more attention to is our own body! It’s impossible for anything or anyone outside of us to know what’s going on inside of us better than our own insides do.

I’m certainly not suggesting that we ignore all dietary changes or medical advice suggested to us, but simply that we do regularly check in with our internal doctor as we adopt them.

If you get a stomachache after eating, take a moment to think on what you recently consumed and try to pinpoint what could have caused it. If it’s not immediately clear, try cutting a particular ingredient out the next time you make that dish and see whether or not the same reaction occurs.

Our bodies are incredibly communicative if we choose to actively listen to them! Rather than simply reaching for that pink bottle of Pepto-Bismol when indigestion kicks in, choose to take some time to decrease the likelihood you’ll need to turn to it again in the future.

Your Body Is on Your Team

Despite some of your aches and pains making it seem like your body is against you, it is ALWAYS doing everything it can to work with what you’ve given it. It wants to survive and thrive, and I’m sure if we were all honest about our dietary history, we’d identify just how tough it has been to still be kicking, given how much “shit” we’ve put it through and asked it to fuel itself with.

I strongly believe it’s time we all regularly love and appreciate these awesome vehicles we get to exist in and do everything we can to maximize and optimize our time within them by listening to them in addition to listening to the advice of others.

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