The cities around the world that enjoy the most sex, mapped

Mobile firm Lazeeva has conducted a huge survey of 450,000 participants to find the most sex positive city on earth.

Lazeeva make apps designed for sexual fulfilment, described by its makers as:

Lazeeva is your gateway to a joyful universe. 100% positive pleasure, just a fingertip away. 

Applying science to sex is their thing, so they surveyed people from 200 cities, drawing from this pool a top 100 to find the most sexually positive cities in the world.

Participants in the survey were aged 18-70.

Scores were combined from the following categories: Sexually active, sexually experimental, sexually satisfied, sex toy consumption, porn consumption, adult entertainment, swingers score, access to contraception, LGBT friendliness, and gender equality.

In addition to the survey, the scores and list were based on existing data from the United Nations and the World Health Organisation.

The survey also looked at the top porn search terms for each city.

The most sex positive city on earth

Paris had the highest score for sex positivity at 86.5.

Lowest was Cork, Ireland on 18.1 in 100th place (still, it’s an honour just be nominated).

The UK had 10 cities in the top 100 sex positive cities. London came 3rd overall on a score of 84.

  • 24th Manchester
  • 27th Glasgow
  • 30th Birmingham 
  • 32nd Liverpool
  • 40th Bristol
  • 43rd Edinburgh
  • 46th Leeds
  • 55th Cardiff
  • 74th Leicester

Total sexual score mapped:

Click cities for their full stats.

We don’t mean A/S/L.

Or anything else for that matter.


Top 10 Most Sexually Active

The view over Rio de Janeiro, with Sugar Loaf Mountain. (Picture: iStock/Getty Images)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was the most sexually active city. They were also the most sexually experimental.

To indy100‘s smut analysis unit (me) that means they’re trying it a lot of different ways, a lot, possibly suggesting the experiments are one offs.

Here’s the top 10 most active:

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Paris
  • Los Angeles
  • Ibiza Town
  • London (I say!)
  • Berlin
  • Santiago
  • Prague
  • New York City
  • Johannesburg

Most Sexually Satisfied

Antwerp hosts a ‘Kiss-In’ outside the Russian consulate in protest against anti-gay laws. 9 August 2013. (Picture: iStock/Getty Images)

Despite having less sex, the people of Antwerp, Belgium have the most satisfying sex in the world – or so they claim.

Chengdu, China, came bottom for sexual satisfaction score.

Here’s the top 10. Sadly nothing from Britain. Damn you Brexit.

  • Antwerp
  • Warsaw
  • Brussels
  • Amsterdam
  • Rotterdam
  • Utretcht
  • Ghent
  • Sao Paulo
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Los Angeles

Highest Porn Consumption

Picture: iStock/Getty Images

LA’s other film industry is porn. As well as where much of porn watched in the US is made, LA also has the highest consumption rate.

The most searched for porn term in the city was ‘Massage’.

The places watching the least porn were Belgrage (Serbia), Havana (Cuba), and Prague (Czech Republic).

  • Los Angeles
  • New York City
  • Toronto
  • Miami
  • San Francisco
  • Shanghai
  • Vancouver
  • Austin
  • Oslo
  • Montreal

Obviously these were surveys, so it relies on people not being bashful about their pornography watching habits.

See the map above, and Lazeeva’s own analysis for more details.

HT Daily Express

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