The Gucci Accessory in Every Fashion Blogger’s Repertoire

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    Every couple of months, we see a trend in the blogger world—from outfit combinations to coveted designer items—that becomes a staple among fashion influencers. From It dresses of the year to specific pieces like this Ganni top, it doesn’t require much scrolling to spot these cult items on a fashion blog or Instagram feed.

    Today we’re focusing on a simple designer item that has been going for nearly two years now. Hint: It’s Gucci, and it’s not the brand’s fur-lined slip-on loafers. Think accessories—a classic accessory at that. Whether it’s a new or vintage purchase, the latest of-the-moment Gucci item goes to this timeless leather belt. The sleek leather accessory with the brand’s logo as the buckle adds polish to any outfit and makes for a prime IG opportunity.

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    Check out the Gucci item taking over the blogger world below.

    Style Notes: The easiest way to style the belt? A classic jean-and-jumper combo.
    Style Notes: There’s something about the toughness of the belt contrasting against a pretty cami that we love. 
    Style Notes: A crisp white shirt looks extra fresh paired with a belt. 
    Style Notes: The blue-on-blue outfit is broken up by the gold of the interlocking G’s.
    Style Notes: Gucci belt on Gucci jeans? Why not? 
    Style Notes: If in doubt, go for the all-black outfit. 
    Not a fan of the black belt? Try the brown iteration.
    The thinner one is super elegant. 
    The classic is still available.  Next up! The biggest A/W 17 fashion trends you need to know about.  Opening Image: Style du Monde. This was updated by Elinor Block in August 2017.

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