The Last Supper as Marzeah.

It’s strange that the basis for the Last Supper is so little understood, that this should be seen as a Marzeah, the practise of which had been widespread through Semitic lands for at least two thousand years previously, strange also that it is not really understood what was involved.

The Marzeah was a private and sacred gathering of 12 individuals led by a 13th the leader of the feast and the role of the given King, the 13 represented Divine archetypes, Strabo described it thus;

They – the Nabataeans – prepare common meals together in groups of thirteen persons; and they have two girl-singers for each banquet. The king holds many drinking bouts in magnificent style, but no one drinks more than eleven cupfuls, each time using a different golden cup. The king is so democratic that, in addition to serving himself, he sometimes even serves the rest himself in turn’

The institution of the Mazreah is know from the 3rd millenium BCE;

Eblaite texts from the third millennium BCE refer to the day of marzea and a text mentions the superintendent of the mar-za-u This word is mentioned frequently in the Ugaritic sources, including a reference to ‘house of the men of the mar-ze-i

Traditionally this elite group would be presided over by an actual King and 12 notables;

The marzea was a banquet and association whose participants were mostly among the high-rank officials, and was comprised mostly of males, as indicated by Strabo It was an association of a group who had a specific deity as its patron. Each marzeaÌ was led by a rb mrz Ì’ who was responsible for managing and organizing the meeting, which was held in special places designed for this purpose. Basically, each had its own patron deity, Bel in Palmyra and Dushara in Nabataea. The Nabataeans constructed rock-cut triclinia for these funerary and religious festivals and meetings. These dining and banqueting halls were constructed to celebrate the feast of the dead

At sites such as Hatra this meeting place could be a cella in the very heart of the Temple complex, it literally held a central place in the religious practise were the elite assumed the role of the Deities, a role which involved feasting and getting completely drunk.

The word marzea is attested twice in biblical sources (Amos 6:7; Jer. 16:5) and the Septuagint renders it as Thiasos, which makes the direct comparison between the Feasts of Bacchus/Dionysus and the Marzea was the Semitic equivalent, in effect a curious state of affairs was involved were nature spirits would be understood to rise from the Underworld while the feasters gradually descended into it…

In biblical time the spirits called upon were not so much the spirits of the newly deceased as spirits from a far and distant past. The rephaim are little spirits of fertility

Like other demons they are living in and moving through “the air” at which they arrive after a 3-day journey from the underworld. Like the cheres, little chaotic spirits coming to Athens to celebrate the spring festival of Anthesteria and drink of the new wine led by their Lord Dionysos, so the rephaim arrive from the realm of death led by Baal to eat and drink for 7 days.

The Liturgy of the sacrifices of darkness-“You are summoned oh rephaim of the underworld” . But apart from the rephaim also some past and present kings are summoned, and the king is invited to descend with Shapshu (the sun) to the underworld. During this (ritual?) descent to the realm of death 7 sacrifices are brought – and a bird (as sacrifice?). It is not possible to deny a strong connection between the often rather rich and lodge-like marzeah institutions in the West Semitic area and the cult of the rephaim invited to marzeah

There’s an intriguing balance involved between the rising spirits and the descending feasters and the 3 day periodic has it’s counterpart in the 3 day drunkenness festival of Osiris, the Wagy Feast, which was held at the time of year when Orion was rising as the Sun was setting, thus visible over the entire course of the night, and it seems that the role of the King and his entourage would be to descend as the Sun, Bel/Shamash, whilst the Lord of the Underworld rose, and of course the King would also be expected to rise again empowered by the Underworld.

It is Baal who at the New Year’s feast brings the dead heroes to life . In the great Ugarit epos about the fighting of Baal his is finally enthroned on the Mt.Saphon with the words: “Let them install Ba’lu on the chair of his kingship” . After that the rephaim are summoned to come, the sun being the one who has to lead them up from the netherworld. Their leader is Baal, the rephait

Byblos the Marzeah

In the Ugaritic texts it is Habyon the horned Devil that arises from the Underworld as the doors are opened as El descends through drunkenness, and there was the association of El as Chronos/Saturn with the Sun, and there is in essence an axis raised were the King has descended into the depths whilst Habyon has ascended the heights, similar to the raising of the Djed column in Egypt

The name of the planet Saturn is in West Semitic KVN, “standing firm” “standing upright” about the world pillar, The temple for Resheph was full of obelisks standing in the temple yard, in our opinion an assembly of gods. Uranos invented, according to Philo of Byblos, “animated stones”, the so-called baityloi or Betels (bet = “house”, el = “god”). The many baityloi standing in the sacred temple yard next to the holy lake are the souls of the leading men of Byblos passed over into a state of eternity as “‘ilim (= gods)”. In Ugarit “‘ilim” is used as a parallel to “rephaim”. . El Cronos = Resheph was surrounded by a circle of “allied eloim (=gods)”

In Hitite/Hurrian myth Teshub has to counter a Basalt stone Pillar that has been created and raised from the Underworld by Kummabi/Enlil/El/Dagon/Chronos that represents a New World Order with the potential to destroy the world, which i outlined in Origins of the New World Order, but it was also the case that in order to create strategy and gain alliance at the onset of that myth cycle he himself descends into the Underworld and drinks with the Gods there in a feast hosted by Allani, the basis for the Mazreah feast was likely Hurrian as first practised in the North West Semitic region and if it is the descent of Baal/Teshub that was celebrated then that would be toward restoration of what Kummabi raised, in effect taking charge of the process, were Teshub then rises to confront the prevailing order, there are two possible interpretations a controlled descent towards good intention or the raising of Hell.

Baal Peor and the Marzeah Feast

Gaia and the Marzeah

Banqueting in Honour of the Gods

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