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    originally posted by: Ghostsinthefog
    I only found about this today and have just started reading about it more. Wanted to put it out there and see peoples opinion on it.

    Myself believes it’s possible this cosmonaut could have been real…and the russiana didn’t want to claim another failure. The tape is chilling i admit.

    I foynd tgis because i have become a big astronomy and space travel enthusiast recently. Even got my first scope ☺

    Anyway here is the link

    lost cosmonaut

    I have read about this some years ago and there seems to be a split in opinion on how authentic the situation was, the two brothers in question seem to be held in high regard with what they where doing at the time and I certainly would not put it past Russia or any nation for the matter to cover up such an event.

    If it is true what a horrible way to meet your maker burning up in such a way.

    I guess unless some paper are released or other information comes to the forefront you have to make up your own mind on the evidence presented.

    Good idea getting a telescope for your astronomy interest, I was a very keen Astronomer and advice I would give is try and learn the night sky rather than getting use to auto find GPS scopes, star counting to objects and setting circles will set you up for a lifetime of discovery, also do not underestimate what you can find and see with a half decent set of Bino’s..

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