The Morning After: Facebook at the Senate, Intel’s tiny yet powerful PC

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    It’s uncharted territory for mini-desktops.
    Intel’s Hades Canyon NUC is a tiny gaming powerhouse

    Intel’s Hades Canyon NUC is everything we’ve ever wanted in a tiny desktop. It has enough graphical power to play just about any modern game and power VR headsets, but it’s small enough to take anywhere. That said, it’s probably too expensive for most of us.

    He says they’re not secretly using your microphone to target ads.
    Zuckerberg in D.C.: Day 1

    As expected, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was on Capitol Hill yesterday to testify before the Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees. Later today, he’ll go in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Senators mostly asked him if they could delete their data, repeatedly, and got an on-the-record answer to everyone’s favorite Facebook conspiracy theory. Otherwise they dug into the company’s inaction when it discovered Cambridge Analytica possessed such a large cache of data, and what it might do to prevent future situations. Instead of enduring hours of testimony yourself, you check out our recap here, and keep an eye out for updates from today’s hearing.

    A quick click to check.
    Check right now if Cambridge Analytica used your Facebook data

    And after all that, here’s a link to show whether you or your friends were affected.

    The personal organizer is back… again.
    Gemini PDA review: We’ve come a long way since keyboards

    The Gemini frustrates and delights in equal measure. It might be a great PDA, but it’s not a great smartphone. However, if you just want a connected, highly portable device to type on in short bursts, that’s ripe for customization, the Gemini could be for you.

    It’s all thanks to the statute of limitations.Here’s why a British politician will escape punishment for hacking a rival political party

    Thanks to a silly statement made by the British prime minister, most UK politicians are now asked in interviews about the worst thing they’ve ever done. When MP Kemi Badenoch was handed the question, she confessed to something quite serious: hacking into the website of another politician. In an interview with Core Politics, published by the Mail on Sunday, the Conservative MP for Saffron Walden said she’d hacked into the website of Labour politician Harriet Harman “a decade ago.”

    The beginning of the automaker’s path to an electrified future.
    Cadillac goes green with the CT6 Plug-In hybrid

    Cadillac’s plug-in hybrid delivers on features and EV-only range, but falls short when pushed to the cornering limits. Also, that smallish trunk…

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