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The Nuclear Option: Trump Schools Diplomatic ‘Experts’ on How to Make a Deal

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    As his longtime pastor Jeremiah Wright might say, Barack Obama’s chickens are — once again — coming home to roost!

    After an eight-year American Apology Tour ground to a disastrous halt, President Trump is piece by piece dismantling Mr. Obama’s diplomatic legacy around the globe.

    Answering a foreign reporter at a NATO gathering when he was still president, Mr. Obama once explained: “I believe in American exceptionalism — just as, I suspect, that Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

    In other words, the United States is just another in a long line of fading, corrupt world powers in the alphabetical list somewhere between Uganda and Uzbekistan.

    If Mr. Trump were asked the same question in the same setting, he would reply: “America first.”

    Then he would start haranguing the reporter about how other NATO countries need to start paying more for their own defense.

    Now Mr. Trump is shredding Mr. Obama’s traitorous deal to fund Iran’s global terrorist operation with billions from American taxpayers and elsewhere.

    Predictable shrieks were heard from people like failed presidential candidate and even worse former Secretary of State John Kerry, who claims that “backing out” of the Iran deal undermines America’s credibility around the world.

    Really? When did you start caring about America’s credibility around the world?

    When you voted to send our troops to die and get blown up in the Iraq War? Until, of course, you decided to abandon those troops you voted to send into battle because it became politically expedient to run a presidential campaign against the war.

    Again, the war you voted IN FAVOR of?

    This is the same diplomatic terrorist who turned against his fellow troops in Vietnam as a young man and asked, “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?”

    Well, Monsieur Kerry, how do you ask a man to die for a war you voted for but abandoned as soon as you saw a way to better your own personal political prospects?

    Anyway, I digress.

    Back to Iran. Perhaps the Iran agreement would not be so easy to tear up had it not been written out on wet toilet paper to begin with. Had it been an actual treaty, President Trump would not be able to do this.

    Of course, it is not a treaty because Mr. Obama did not submit it to Congress for approval. Because, of course, Congress never would have approved such claptrap.

    All the typical diplomatic “experts” are up in arms, which means somebody must be suddenly doing something right.

    After all, it is precisely all of these diplomatic “experts” who have gotten us into all these horrible jackpots around the world.

    Now they claim that tearing up the terrible nuclear deal with Iran somehow hurts Mr. Trump’s chances of striking a good deal with North Korea.

    Are you kidding me? These are the same people who gave us more than a decade of “strategic indifference” about North Korea. Allowing the murderous tin-pot dictator to build a nuclear weapon.

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    It is high time that all the diplomatic “experts” shut up and try to learn a thing or two from a deal-maker.

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