TR-3B Patented!, Google releases publication number US 20060145019 A1

Well apparently, disclosure maybe leaking out of the barrel in drips. However when you Google publication number US 20060145019 A1, you will find a deluge of information. First off, the publication reveals that our space craft have had artificial gravity since 1972, US Patent US3675879. A spacecraft having a triangular hull with vertical electrostatic line charges on each corner that produce a horizontal electric field parallel to the sides of the hull. This field, interacting with a plane wave emitted by antennas on the side of the hull, generates a force per volume combining both lift and propulsion.
Then in 1993, US Patent US5269482. This one is titled Protective enclosure apparatus for magnetic propulsion space vehicle. Here is the “fuel”: US Patent US6974110: Method and apparatus for converting electrostatic potential energy. And now the motor: US Patent US20030209635 and US20030209637: Electric dipole moment propulsion system and Rotating electrostatic propulsion system. And now for the craft, US20060038081: Electric dipole spacecraft.
Here are some of the diagrams.

1. A spacecraft comprised of the following components:

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(a) a triangular hull in the form of an equilateral triangle;
(b) two copper plates attached on opposite vertical sides at each of the three corners of the hull (1 a) such that a sharp vertical edge is formed where they come together;
(c) an electrostatic generator used to charge the back two copper-cladded corners (1 b) to a high positive voltage, and the third forward copper-cladded corner to a high negative voltage;
(d) a horizontal slot antenna array mounted-on the sides of the hull; and
(e) a frequency generator, antenna and coaxial cables to drive the antenna array (1 d).
2. To create, by claims (1 a, 1 b, 1 c), an intense vertical line charge at the corners (1 b) and a horizontal electric field that that is parallel to the sides of the hull (1 a);
3. To create, by claims (1 d,1 e), an electromagnetic wave with a vertically polarized electric field traveling outward from the side of the hull (1 a); and
4. To create, by claims (2,3), an interaction of the electrostatic field (2) with the electromagnetic wave (3) such that a combined spacetime curvature pressure is generated on the hull in the upward and forward direction to produce lift and propulsion respectively.…………
I don’t know if this is a hi-jacked google site or not, but some of you mathematicians, take a look at their equations.
This invention is a rotating spacecraft that utilizes four spherical conducting domes perturbing a uniform electric field in order to create a lift force by means of a magnetic moment times the gradient of a magnetic field.
An electric dipole p is two electrical charges of opposite sign [q, −q] separated by a distance a.
If this dipole is moving with a velocity v, it produces a magnetic moment μ. μ = pv = qav = coulomb ⁢   ⁢ meter ⁢ meter sec = coulomb sec ⁢ meter 2 = IArea
The magnetic moment is equal to a current I circulating around an area. The magnetic field B has units of kilogram per second per charge coulomb. B = kg sec ⁢   ⁢ coul
The gradient of the magnetic field in the vertical direction z has units of dB dz = kg sec ⁢   ⁢ coul ⁢   ⁢ meter
This gradient interacting with a magnetic moment creates a force F measured in newtons. F z = μ ⁢ dB dz = coul ⁢   ⁢ m 2 sec ⁢ kg sec ⁢   ⁢ coul ⁢   ⁢ m = kg ⁢   ⁢ m sec 2 = newton
In terms of vectors, the force is equal to
which is the gradient ∇ of the dot product (·) of the magnetic moment with the magnetic field. This means that the magnetic moment has to be aligned with the field. The lift force on the spacecraft would then be the magnetic moment in the vertical z-direction μz times the magnetic field in the z-direction Bz. For constant magnetic moment, the gradient affects the magnetic field only, resulting in the same force equation
F z=∇(μz ·B z)=μz ∇B z
In my sense of awe, I may have gotten some of the patents confused, but it’s still there.

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