WATCH: Man throws a treat to orangutan… only for THIS to happen

SHOCKING moment caught on video when a man throws some food at an orangutan… only for this to happen ...
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Eurostar offering £19 tickets to PARIS… as long as you book TODAY

EUROSTAR are offering passengers bargain £19 tickets to Paris or Brussels… but you’ve got to be quick ...
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This is one of the best landmarks in the WORLD…. and it may surprise you

BIG BEN has been nominated as the best landmark in the UK - as well as making it in the top 20 in the world ...
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Lonely Planet reveals Best in Europe 2017 and THIS northern English city made the top five

LONELY PLANET has revealed its Best in Europe 2017, with the UK’s one nod in the top 10 belonging to the northern English city of Leeds ...
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Why not take the ultimate Durrells holiday on the Greek island of Corfu

YOU have watched the hit series... so why not take the ultimate Durrells holiday on the island of Corfu ...
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Go wild for flavour in the Caribbean island of Grenada

A CULINARY journey through a spicy Caribbean island to discover the joy of a faint smell of nutmeg and luscious green forests ...
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Where is the safest country in the world to travel to this year?

BOOK your next holiday to the safest country in the world to travel to this year with Finland taking first place, according to a new report ...
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Error fares: The secret trick that could save you HUNDREDS on your flight costs

ERROR fares: this mistake by airlines can save holidaymakers hundreds of pounds… as long as they don’t plan anything in advance ...
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Foodie walks, historical buildings and picturesque canal network: Discover Amsterdam

WITH its cultural and culinary attractions and picturesque canal network, Amsterdam is the ultimate city break destination ...
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Can you take FOOD through airport security and what is allowed?

Can I take food through airport security is a question travellers often ask themselves, but what are the official rules? ...
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THIS is how many calories you eat on a flight… and the amount will SHOCK you

AN OXFORD professor has found passengers eat more than 3,400 calories during a flight, nearly double the recommended daily allowance ...
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Passport application – how long does it take to get a passport?

PASSPORT applications require weeks of organisation and preparation, but time is not always on a traveller’s side ...
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Passport: How many countries can you travel through on an emergency travel document?

Emergency travel documents can get a traveller safely home, but how many countries does it allow you to go through? ...
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MAPPED: How safe is your 2017 summer holiday in Europe? Terror threat REVEALED

TERROR fears continue to spread through Europe as Britons get set to jet across the continent on 2017 summer holidays. How safe is it across Europe for holidays this year? ...
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Holiday health warning: Why relaxing on a beach could be LINKED to diabetes

A STUDY has shown that just two weeks on holiday can cause serious health risks such as diabetes and heart disease ...
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Passport: THIS is where you’re most likely to have your passport stolen abroad

RESEARCH has found that Brits passport are most likely to be stolen when in Spain on holiday than any other country in the world ...
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CRUISES REVEALED: Cruise secrets you’ll NEVER believe are true

Cruise employees have taken to Reddit to reveal some of the hilarious and raunchy secrets of life at sea ...
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WATCH: Cyclist has THIS happen to him – but who was in the wrong?

A viral video has shown a cyclist being hit on an empty road by a turning car… and users can’t decide who is in the wrong ...
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