Trump’s canceling London trip sparks hashtag

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    Many Twitter users around the world, including in the U.K., were apparently not convinced by President Donald Trump‘s tweets blaming his cancellation of his trip to London on the recently-relocated U.S. embassy.

    Trump tweeted he is “not a fan” of the new U.S. embassy in London whose opening next month he was supposed to attend.

    The U.S. president described the new diplomatic office as being in an “off location” in Nine Elms, south of the River Thames.

    The president may not be aware that he stepped into an ongoing rivalry between North London and South London. North London has Big Ben, but the South has the Southbank. The Beatles were from North London, yes, but the South has David Bowie. And on it goes.

    The tweet also caused an unusual phenomenon of North Londoners on Twitter rushing to defend South Londoners.

    And although Trump blamed President Barack Obama for the sale and relocation of the U.S. embassy from its original iconic position in Grosvenor Square in London, the deal was actually finalized by President George W Bush. The U.S. ambassador to the U.K. at the time suggested the move was largely driven out of security concerns and the weighing of difficulties in upgrading the old embassy.

    The president’s tweets came after British newspapers ran stories announcing the cancellation of his London trip, which the news articles attributed to concerns about protests against the U.S. leader.

    Twitter users also showed skepticism about Trump’s blaming his decision not to visit London on the embassy issue. The hashtag #ICancelledMyTripToLondon was soon trending with made-up reasons for why the president really cancelled his visit.

    One tweet alluded to the British stationery shop Clinton’s Cards.

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    Another tweet referred to the London public square of Piccadilly Circus and used one of President Trump’s favorite phrases, “fake news.”

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