Turn Any Thumb Green With Ava Byte Smart Garden

Thanks to IKEA, indoor gardening is in vogue. And Ava Technologies wants to join the party.

“The future of plant technology,” the Ava Byte automated indoor smart garden features NASA-inspired lighting and a self-watering system.

Each machine comes with five soil-free, transplantable and compostable ready-to-grow plant pods. Simply drop them into the box and fill the reservoir, then sync with your smart device. From any iOS or Android gadget, you can monitor water and light levels, optimize plant growth, set alerts, and even plan meals.

Standing 7.5 inches tall (expandable up to 21 inches), 13.1 inches long, 4.7 inches deep, the Byte lets anyone cultivate fruits and vegetables at home or watch flowers flourish in the office.

Whether you have a green thumb or a track record of plant slaughter, Ava Byte is marketed as a way to master gardening “without sacrificing on style, space, and time.”

Just plug in, press a button, and watch (literally, via an optional time-lapse camera) as the adaptive lighting and intelligent controls turn some seeds into dinner (or a garnish, at least). Access to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homekit also mean hands-free horticulture—a truly 21st Century perk.

“We are on a mission to feed the world’s transition to sustainable food with a vision of an exciting future where anyone can grow anything, anywhere,” the AVA Team said of its crowdfunding project.

Early-bird buyers can save 40 percent on the Ave Byte, available to pre-order in white, gray, or black for $189—a steal considering the $299-$320 retail cost. The first boxes are expected to ship in March.

“By building our community of future foodies and sharing our vision with the world, we are able to get people excited about standing for a sustainable future,” according to the company’s Indiegogo page.

View the original article: https://www.geek.com/tech/turn-any-thumb-green-with-ava-byte-smart-garden-1703454/?source=tech

If you’re still dead set on soil, spades, and staking, check out Tertill, the new autonomous robot from the Roomba creator. Despite its odd name, the device is gaining interest among gardeners who hate the tedious process of weeding.

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