Twitter Reinstates James O’Keefe After 20,000 Tweets At Jack Dorsey

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    Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe had his Twitter account unlocked after Twitter users bombarded its CEO Jack Dorsey with around 20,000 tweets, demanding that O’Keefe be reinstated on the platform.

    O’Keefe’s account was locked on Wednesday, with Twitter claiming that he had “violated the Twitter Rules,” resulting in him having to “wait some time before using Twitter again.”

    O’Keefe claimed that “Twitter is trying to block our journalism” – his organisation, Project Veritas, has in the past exposed Democratic corruption and voter fraud.

    Before his suspension, he was planning on releasing a video with hidden-camera footage of a US Senator inside a fundraiser. “We’re too effective– and there are bombshells coming out all week,” he continued.

    O’Keefe told Breitbart News in an email that he was gaining “around 10,000 followers on Twitter every day in the last few days”, so his videos would have an enormous potential audience. After his account was locked, there was an immediate backlash against Twitter for attempting to silence him.

    Many more then spammed Jack Dorsey in an attempt to shame Twitter into ensuring O’Keefe had a space on the platform.

    On Thursday evening, Twitter finally gave O’Keefe access to his account again, after making him delete an “innocuous” tweet, which, in a video put on Twitter, O’Keefe said was a “strawman” for his violation. After thanking the thousands of users who had put pressure on Twitter, he explained that the tweet was asked to be deleted because “they had to come up with a reason to let me back on Twitter.”

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