UFO or Military Aircraft?

On July 11th, 2013 at 2am in the morning I saw this object floating near HWY 41 north of Allentown, WI. It lit up the field like daylight. I saw this starting at a distance of 1/2 mile away. I could easily see that nothing was holding up this lighting since the area was lit up like daytime. The lighting/object in total was roughly the size of a couple barns (this is Wisconsin and the best reference, sorry). This area is swampland and cannot support buildings or heavy equipment. There was no construction of anything, and I confirmed this when I returned to the exact field that I saw it hovering over and it was just a normal field and nothing indicated that there was lighting or any trucks or equipment was on the land from the night before. The images and animation here is a recreation of what I saw and not photos from the sighting. I had my smartphone during the event, but I didn’t stop to take an image, but I did slow down enough to see the details of the lighting and the details of the lights. I could see the field and far horizon under the lights. I could not see a structure above the lights, but the area above the lights was black to me, possibly because the lights were so bright.

I cannot explain what I saw. I wondered if it was a UFO or a military dirigible. It was large and extraordinary and completely silent. The lights were kind of strange in that the light frequency was like almost a bright welding white light, but contained all the colors of the rainbow at once. Almost like a holographic diffraction pattern. My total viewing time was about 30 seconds. that sounds short, but it was like forever and I was able to see details on the lighting structure and count the panels. The object was tilted so that it showed more of the bottom to me.

Bottom line, I have no idea what this could be and I’m open to ideas. Please no rants/trash talk and be polite.

There are a few extra details I’m keeping to myself for now that doesn’t add much to the details I explained here, but might help me to corroborate it with anyone else that saw this.

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