VR Horror Mystery ‘Dead Secret’ to Arrive on PSVR April 24th

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    Studios Frame Interactive and Robot Invader today announced Dead Secret (2015), the Gear VR title that later landed on PC VR headsets, is finally making its way to PSVR.

    Coming to PSVR April 24th, the horror-mystery adventure puts you in the shoes of a 1960’s era reporter looking for your next big story. You’ll unravel the threads of multiple suspects while riffling through drawers in the house to put together clues—all in effort to understand who murdered Harris Bullard, a scholar of Japanese mythology and resident dead guy.

    As in a classic whodunit, it’s your job to find items, solve puzzles, and collect evidence to name the murderer. There are five different endings to unlock, but watch out for the masked murder hot on your heels.

    image courtesy Robot Invader

    According to the PlayStation blog post announcing the game’s availability, the game will feature both VR and non-VR modes, although if Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017) was any indication, it’ll be much scarier (and immersive) from within the headset. No pricing is available yet, although it currently costs $15 on Steam.

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    Robot Invader is also bringing its sequel, Dead Secret Circleto VR and non-VR platforms later this year. Although they haven’t announced specific target platforms, the release of the original Dead Secret on PSVR makes a strong case for future support. Dead Secret Circle puts you in the place of a 1971 Chicago gumshoe reporter, tossing you into a new adventure of catching a killer haunting both your dreams and the people of the city.

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