WATCH: US launches retaliatory airstrikes against Syria

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  • Now Playing: Trump orders strike on Syria in response to chemical attack

  • Now Playing: Special Report: Pentagon briefing on Syria strike

  • Now Playing: Cuba without a Castro: What comes next?

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  • Now Playing: Weekend Rewind: Syria air strikes

  • Now Playing: The latest on Syria

  • Now Playing: White House presents report it says proves Syria conducted chemical attack

  • Now Playing: Unanswered questions around the attack on Syria

  • Now Playing: Syria denounces the U.S.-led attack

  • Now Playing: Trump calls military action on Syria a ‘perfectly executed strike’

  • Now Playing: US launches retaliatory airstrikes against Syria

  • Now Playing: Destruction in Syria in the wake of airstrikes

  • Now Playing: US, France and Britain launch missile strikes on Syrian weapons facilities

  • Now Playing: US and allies launch attacks on Syria

  • Now Playing: Iran, Russia should not associate with mass murder of innocent people: Trump

  • Now Playing: Pentagon officials remark on strikes in Syria

  • Now Playing: Strikes will establish a strong deterrent of chemical weapons: Trump

  • Now Playing: US launches strike on Syrian chemical weapons storage facilities

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    Now Playing: 8-year-old’s brutal rape and murder spurs protests

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