What a mouthful!: Costa Rican president accidentally eats wasp live on air during speech (VIDEO)

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President Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera faced an uninvited guest at a press briefing on his nationwide tour in the Zona Sur region of Costa Rica on Friday.

While mid-sentence at a press briefing at the inauguration of an asphalt plant in Paso Real, Puntarenas, a wasp flew at the president who accidentally swallowed the insect. 

“I ate it, I ate the wasp!” Solís exclaimed, before bursting out laughing along with his entourage and assembled journalists.

“You don’t see that every day… they’re going to send it to CNN, pure protein!” the president laughed as he was handed a bottle of water by a member of his team.

The original video was uploaded to Facebook by PZ Actual on June 16.

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