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Woken Up on the Wrong Side of Bed? You Should Wear This Colour

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    During the winter months it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll probably feel like you’ve woken up on the wrong side of bed. The lack of vitamin D, shorter days, and cold weather are all contributing factors to our changes in moods. So how can we turn this around in an instant? I spoke to Professor Carolyn Mair of, who is a chartered psychologist and fellow of the British Psychological Society. Among many other aspects of fashion, she’s an expert in how different colours can affect our mood. I wanted to know from her how we can all use our wardrobes to lift our moods just from choosing the right colour to wear in the morning. Whether you’re feeling sad, angry, or just a little tired, there are different hues you can try to help feel more positive and happy in your day. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to find out more…

    “Red isn’t the best colour for you,” advises Maier. “Blue, however, is a more calming colour, as is green, and is associated with the concept of trustworthiness and security. However, you can also wear pink when anxious as it has the qualities of red, such as being a warmer colour but is less saturated so it will give you the warmth without the energy.”

    You’ll feel in control wearing this jumpsuit in the office. 
    Happiness in a dress. 
    There’s nothing to cheer you up quite like an orange J.W.Anderson handbag. 
    Calm and positive vibes only in this suit. 
    Stress-reliving dress? We’ll take that, thanks.

    Plus, this is an excuse for more shopping = happiness. 

    Red is energising. It also tends to stimulate our heart rate, although there’s very little scientific evidence for this, but it can help boost your mood in the morning.”

    Orange is a great colour if you’re feeling tired. It brings all the energy of red but the joyful associations of summer,” says Maier. “However wearing all orange could be completely over the top so wear it with something else.” 

    Again, here you want to avoid red as it evokes anger and anxiety: your fight or flight responses. It’s also a passionate and sensual colour too. Instead, try blues and greens–the calmer hues. You could try a colour like royal blue as it’s not so bright that it’s outstanding and will help you become more stable.

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    “Anxiety is the starting point of stress so again your blues and greens work well here. But grey and muted tones can also do the trick. They won’t particularly wouldn’t lift your mood but it would say ‘leave me alone for now’.”

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